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RSA Archer 5.5 Administration

In this course, you will learn the concepts, processes, and procedures needed to successfully design and administer the RSA Archer platform. Through hands-on labs, you will gain a better understanding of the key RSA Archer platform components, including applications, security management, and communication tools. You will learn to plan, configure, and manage the RSA Archer environment. This course helps you prepare for the RSA Archer Certified Administrator (CA) certification.

  • Skills Gained
  • Who Can Benefit
  • Syllabus
Skills Gained
Components of the RSA Archer Enterprise Management Solution
Configure the look and feel of the RSA Archer Platform interface
Centralize and organize data
Import data
Alert users to data changes
Optimize the user experience
Manage user access
Automate work streams
Search and report on data
Communicate information to key stakeholders
Migrate changes between environments
Who Can Benefit
Archer administrators who are responsible for building and managing the RSA Archer enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance (eGRC) product

RSA Archer

RSA Archer eGRC Suite
Enterprise management solution components
Case study

Configuring the Appearance

Managing themes
Managing the appearance

Centralizing and Organizing Data

Data structure
Application builder
Inside manage applications
General application properties
Field management
Page layout
Navigation menu

Importing Data

Using the Data Import Manager

Alerting Users to Data Changes

Creating letterheads
Managing subscription notifications

Optimizing the User Experience

Data-driven events
Calculated fields

Managing User Access

Access control basics
User accounts
Access roles
Record permissions
Private fields

Automating Work Streams

Configuring a two-stage workflow

Searching and Reporting on Data

Quick search
Advanced search
Statistics search and chart options

Communicating Information to Stakeholders

Additional configuration options

Packaging for Production

Creating packages
Installing packages

Vendor Management Case Study

Build a best-in-class vendor data application with minimal assistance


In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes hands-on labs designed to give you practical experience

 Dell EMC

  • Duration : 4 days
  • Certified by: Dell EMC

In this course, you will learn the concepts, processes, and procedures needed to successfully design and administer the RSA Archer platform.

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