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RPS Consulting Pvt Ltd

PM Towers, #37F, Greams Road
Thousand Lights, Chennai - 600 006

044 43099 904

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Facilities Information
What time does class start?

Classes begin at 9:00am and typically end at 5:00pm. You may arrive anytime after 8:30am.


There is a sign-in sheet in the reception area that has to be signed every day for the duration of the course.

Getting hungry?

Coffee, tea and snacks are available all day in the kitchen. Lunch is provided every noon.

How can someone contact me in class?

If someone should need to contact you while you are in class, please have them call 044-4309-9904.

Where can I park?

There are ample parking spaces around the training centers where you can park.

I want to know more!

Please feel free to contact us below or drop us an email and we'll get back to you.

Ph: 044 4309 9904

Email :

Transportation and Leisure

This is the main form of public transport in the city, especially considering how cheap they are. With fares starting as low as INR 4 a trip, local buses ferry over 5 million passengers on a daily basis. You may also choose from some of the air-conditioned or deluxe expresses buses which are relatively more expensive but a lot more affordable than those in most western countries.

For more information on bus routes in Chennai visit

Taxis and Rickshaws:

While the 3 wheeled vehicles make for a fun ride, they are not very practical when it comes to day to day travel. With regards to taxis, you can choose between call taxis and tourist cabs. Air conditioned pre-arranged cabs will cost you about INR 150 for a basic fare of up to 4 km after which you will be paying about INR 15 for every additional kilometer.

You can book cabs with any of the following service providers –

For information on taxis in Chennai you may refer to the following website

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