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Through our site, you’re conveying your agreement with all the Terms & Conditions. In case, you disagree with the terms stated in the agreement, or if you are dissatisfied with our service or website, do not agree. When you disagree with the terms stated, file a complaint through our Contact Us page. We’ll try to improve our service.

Also, failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions may not give you a chance to access the site. But, also we modify these Terms & Conditions from time to time. So, please continue to review this agreement while accessing this site. Please take your time to read the following terms and conditions very carefully before using this site or any other services offered by this website.

Either by using or accessing this site or any of the commodities and services that is provided by this site, printing or downloading, your assent to read and agree these Terms and Services. If you disagree all of these Terms of Services, avoid registering in this Site.


Payment part must be taken care off! Payment for the services is supposed to be made in advance and as per the directions by the website. While, all the services would be proportionate only over the full payment receipt and confirmation that is sent by the company.

Service Charges

This website holds the right to charge certain fees for their services, as well as subscription and or the membership over a reasonable prior notice. The notice will appear over the site by displaying the latest or revised changes for the services and products offered from time to time.

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