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CompTIA Server Plus

Today’s IT environments demand planning, securing and maintaining a variety of server equipment. CompTIA Server+ certification validates IT professionals can do just that and more. As an industry-recognized credential, CompTIA Server+ helps boost the performance of IT professionals within businesses of all sizes. CompTIA Server+ validates your skills with the most commonly used server and storage systems in the IT industry. This certification demonstrates an impressive knowledge base that narrows the skills gap and provides the hands-on experience that businesses need.

  • Skills Gained
  • Prerequisites
  • Syllabus
  • Explore server fundamentals
  • Describe the characteristics of the system processing core subsystem
  • Describe storage system components, so that you can effectively implement several types of storage solutions
  • Explore the communication, power, and input/output subsystems
  • Install servers
  • Configure servers
  • Maintain servers
  • Upgrade server components
  • Explore environmental issues surrounding servers
  • Troubleshoot servers
  • Explore disaster recovery concepts and techniques

In addition to these exam requirements, to ensure your success with this course, you should first take the following courses or have equivalent knowledge:

  • A+ Certification: Core Hardware Third Edition - A CompTIA Certification
  • A+ Certification: Operating Systems Third Edition - A CompTIA Certification
  • Network+ Certification Fourth Edition - A CompTIA Certification

1. Introduction to Servers

  • Describing Network Models
  • Identifying Common Server Types and Functions

2. Exploring the System Processing Core

  • Describing System Boards
  • Describing Processors
  • Describing Memory

3. Exploring the Storage Subsystem

  • Exploring SCSI Devices
  • Exploring IDE/ATA Devices
  • Describing RAID
  • Exploring NAS Implementations
  • Exploring SAN Implementations

4. Exploring the Communication, Power, and Input/Output Subsystems

  • Exploring the Communication Subsystem
  • Exploring the Power Subsystem
  • Exploring the Input/Output Subsystem


5. Installing Servers

  • Planning for Server Installation
  • Identifying Data-Transmission Media Types
  • Installing Hardware into a Server
  • Installing Servers into an Environment
  • Verifying the Server Installation

6. Configuring Servers

  • Configuring RAID
  • Network Operating System Installation
  • Configuring External Peripheral Devices
  • Installing System Monitoring Agents and Service Tools
  • Documenting the Server

7. Maintaining Servers

  • Backing Up Server Data
  • Baselining Servers and Monitor Server Performance
  • Performing Physical Housecleaning

8. Upgrading Server Components

  • Creating and Using Upgrade Checklists
  • Adding and Replacing Hardware
  • Upgrading Server Software

9. Exploring Environmental Issues Surrounding Servers

  • Evaluating Physical Security
  • Evaluating Server Room Environment

10. Troubleshooting Servers

  • Performing Problem Determination
  • Using Diagnostic Tools
  • Identifying Bottlenecks

11. Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts and Techniques

  • Appendix A: Mapping Element K Course Content to the CompTIA Server+ Exam Objectives

  • Duration : 5 Days
  • Certified by: CompTIA

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