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Control Center Management

This specialization-level course provides a thorough exposure to EMC ControlCenter. You will cover managed objects, control data collection, and manage the detailed ControlCenter user security model. A significant amount of lecture and lab time is spent on allocating storage on Symmetrix and CLARiiON arrays, from creation and configuration of devices to masking devices to a host. You will also learn how to use ControlCenter to initiate and monitor Symmetrix local and remote data replication tasks. To make storage available to hosts, you will learn the SAN management tasks that can be performed with ControlCenter. You will get an overview of ControlCenter host management tasks, and you will cover automating tiered storage allocation tasks using Storage Provisioning Services. ControlCenter has a variety of data center monitoring features. You will learn how to configure fault and threshold alerts and to use ControlCenter as an alert tracking and routing tool. Further investigating your environment, you will learn how to use StorageScope's reporting and querying features and how to use ControlCenter to collect and view performance measures. This course presents ControlCenter's wide-ranging monitoring and management capabilities, but it does not provide background information on storage architecture, SAN management, or the other tasks you can perform with the product. This course supports ControlCenter version 6.1 with update bundle 5.

  • Skills Gained
  • Who Can Benefit
  • Prerequisites
  • Syllabus
Architectural components
Integrate ControlCenter security into your existing Windows security model
Determine resource allocation and utilization within your data center
Manage ControlCenter alerts and auto fixes
How ControlCenter alerts can be escalated to an existing SNMP Framework
Customize StorageScope reports and queries
Performance management tasks using ControlCenter
Architect and perform business continuity functions using ControlCenter
Manage SAN environments including zone and zone set manipulation and device masking
Utilize EMC Control Center to manage a storage environment
Architect and position customer solutions using EMC ControlCenter
ControlCenter architecture
Symmetrix and CLARiiON management and configuration
Symmetrix local and remote data replication
SAN zoning and masking operations

1. ControlCenter Architecture

2. ControlCenter Console Views

3. ControlCenter Administration

4. ControlCenter Configuration and Control

5. ControlCenter Alerts and Framework Integration

6. ControlCenter Reporting

7. ControlCenter Performance Management

8. ControlCenter Task Management

9. ControlCenter Automation

Lab 1: Using the Console to Monitor the Datacenter

Lab 2: User and Data Collection Policy Administration

Lab 3: Array Configuration - Symmetrix

Lab 4: Array Configuration - CLARiiON

Lab 5: SAN Management

Lab 6: Business Continuity Management

Lab 7: Alert Management

Lab 8: Alert Planning

Lab 9: StorageScope Reporting and Customization

Lab 10: Automated Storage Provisioning Using SPS

The following scenario-based labs allow you to reinforce and apply knowledge learned:

  • Business Continuity - Planning, Preparation, and Implementation
  • Storage Provisioning - Planning, Preparation, and Implementation
  • ControlCenter Reporting - Planning, Preparation, and Implementation
 Dell EMC

  • Duration : 5 days
  • Certified by: Dell EMC

This specialization-level course provides a thorough exposure to EMC Control Center. You will cover managed objects, control data collection, and manage the detailed Control Center user security model.

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