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Unit 1: Automated Installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Objectives: Create and manage kick start configuration files; perform installations using kick start

Unit 2: Accessing the Command Line


Objectives: Access the command line locally and remotely; gain administration privileges from the command line

Unit 3: Intermediate Command Line Tools


Objectives: Use hard links; use archives and compression; use vim

Unit 4: Regular Expressions, Pipelines, and I/O Redirection


Objectives: Use regular expressions to search patterns in files and output; redirect and pipe output

Unit 5: Network Configuration and Troubleshooting


Objectives: Configure network settings; troubleshoot network issues

Unit 6: Managing Simple Partitions and Filesystems


Objectives: Create and format simple partitions, swap partitions and encrypted partitions

Unit 7: Managing Flexible Storage with Logical Volumes


Objectives: Implement LVM and LVM snapshots

Unit 8: Access Network File Sharing Services


Objectives: NFS, CIFS and autofs

Unit 9: Managing User Accounts


Objectives: Manage user accounts including password aging; connect to a central LDAP directory service

Unit 10: Controlling Access to Files


Objectives: Manage group memberships, file permissions, and access control lists (ACL)

Unit 11: Managing SELinux


Objectives: Activate and deactivate SELinux; set file contexts; manage SELinux booleans; analyze SELinux logs

Unit 12: Installing and Managing Software


Objectives: Manage software and query information with yum, configure client-side yum repository files

Unit 13: Managing Installed Services


Objectives: Managing services, verify connectivity to a service

Unit 14: Analyzing and Storing Logs


Objectives: Managing logs with rsyslog and logrotate

Unit 15: Managing Processes


Objectives: Identify and terminal processes, change the priority of a process, use cron and at to schedule processes

Unit 16: Tuning and Maintaining the Kernel


Objectives: List, load, and remove modules; use kernel arguments

Unit 17: Troubleshooting


Objectives: Understand the boot process, resolve boot problems


  • System Administrators

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Rich Rushton
COO Layer 8 Training

Brijesh has done an excellent job. Things are a little bit slow in May – but RPS is high on our list to fill voids in our schedule. Thank you for being easy to work with!


Alphonsa Mathai
Learning & Knowledge Leader, IBM CIC India

I want to THANK YOU and your entire team at RPS for partnering with us during this time, Moving all the programs to a virtual environment without disrupting the learning for the Learner. We have had a successful Qtr. of delivering programs virtually.

The vast free webinars that you supported us with were very useful & relevant to the Current industry needs. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to each one of your team members for helping us out On a day to day basis and ensuring that business continuity was never impacted.
Looking forward to our continued partnership.

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