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In this course you will learn about Python programming from a Data Science perspective.

  • The course objective is to give the user understanding of Python Basic and use python for Analytics and machine learning.
  • The user will understand the concepts of Pandas and NumPy with visualization.
  • Any person who wants to learn Python Basic and want to take a step ahead in Data Science.


Introduction to Python, Data Types, Quotations

Duration              : 8 Hours


  • What is Python?
  • Birth and Rise of Python
  • GUI of Python: IDLE and Statistical
  • Python Notebooks
  • Anaconda Python Distribution
  • Expressions: Basic Idea
  • Constant Values: Numeric & Strings
  • Arithmetic: Operations and BODMAS
  • Common Mathematical functions
  • Conditions: Equality, Greater Than, Less Than, etc.
  • Function Calls: Introduction to Python Functions
  • Symbols & Assignment, Declaring Python Variables
  • Reserved Keywords
  • Naming a Variable: Generally accepted conventions
  • Basic data types bool (Boolean), int (Integer/Long), float, complex
  • Type conversions: into to float, float to int, etc.
  • Python Interpreter and its Environment
  • Python 3.x : Background, Relevance
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Declaration of variables


Conditional statements/Control Structures

Duration              : 4 Hours


  • Basic Operations in Python
  • String definition and manipulation commands
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Sets
  • Control structures and user defined Functions
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Range
  • If- else construct
  • User defined functions
  • If Statements
  • While construct
  • For Statements
  • Break and continue Statements, and else clauses on Loops
  • Pass Statements


Python basic data structures

Duration              : 3 Hours


  • Arrays, Lists and Tuples
  • Dictionary and Sets
  • List and array slicing


Functions in Python

Duration              : 3 Hours


  • Local variables
  • Default Argument Values
  • Returning Values
  • Keyword & Positional Arguments
  • Arbitrary Argument Lists
  • Documentation Strings
  • Unpacking Argument Lists (unknown number of parameters)
  • Lambda Expressions


Functional Programming

Duration              : 2 Hours


  • Lambda Forms
  • list comprehension
  • isalpha
  • map
  • apply
  • reduce
  • filter



Duration              : 2 Hours


  • Handling Exceptions
  • try-except
  • else clause
  • finally clause
  • Raising Exceptions
  • User-defined Exceptions


Data Structures in Python Used for Data Analysis

Duration              : 3 Hours


  • Intro to Numpy Arrays
  • Creating ndarrays
  • Indexing
  • Data Processing using Arrays
  • File Input and Output


Data Frame Manipulation

Duration              : 8 Hours


  • Getting Started with Pandas
  • Data Acquisition (Import & Export)
  • Indexing
  • Selection and Filtering
  • Sorting & Summarizing
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Combining and Merging Data Frames
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Discretization and Binning
  • String Manipulation


Data Frame Manipulation

Duration              : 3 Hours


  • Exploratory Data Analysis in Pandas



Duration              : 4 Hours


  • Line Plots
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plots
  • Parallel Coordinates



  • Developers

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