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AWS vs Azure vs Google

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: Choosing the Right Cloud Platform

  • By Deepika
  • 24-Dec-2021

As global enterprises move towards cloud environments, they always consider the AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud debate. After all, these are the dominant cloud service providers worldwide accounting for over 58% of the market share in 2021.

As established players, they provide the most reliable, safe and flexible storage, computing and networking services to clients. So, how does one choose the right cloud platform amongst these names? The answer lies in comparing them thoroughly and making the right choice basis your requirements and use cases.

In this blog, we will dissect the features, pros and cons of all three cloud service providers. We will also discuss a few expert tips on how to make your decision.


AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Platforms at a Glance

  • AWS 

AWS is the pioneer in the public cloud services market. As the most mature platform out of all three, it offers over 200 fully featured services to developers, enterprises and governments. As per Gartner, AWS has been the IaaS market leader for over a decade. Its application services, computing power, database infrastructure, and global data centre network are second to none. Some of its prominent customers include Netflix, Coca Cola, Airbnb, and Coinbase. Given the platform’s popularity, many IT professionals opt for AWS training to earn valuable certifications in various roles. Certified AWS professionals earn some of the highest industry packages in IT.

  • Microsoft Azure

The second-largest cloud platform, Microsoft Azure also offers over 200 products and services. It has differentiated itself from AWS well by first focusing on software and platform before adding IaaS. Many app developers prefer Azure for its high computing power, flexibility with virtual machines and large-scale parallel batch computing. It is a great option for Microsoft-centric enterprises but also supports open-source languages, platforms and technologies. Prominent customers include HSBC, CDC, NHS, and HP. Similar to AWS, certified Azure training for professionals is a sure-shot way to skill up, gain work recognition, and earn a massive salary boost.

  • Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is one of the fastest-growing service providers in the world. Although it only offers just over 100 services, it ensures that they are robust enough to support any application. Big data, machine learning and analytics compute services are hallmarks of Google Cloud. It is also expanding in the IaaS segment and offers the most competitive pricing out of all three platforms. Prominent clients include UPS, Paypal, Spotify, and Unilever.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Comparing the Features

While Amazon Web Services (AWS), today, is the most popular, mature and feature-rich platform, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are growing faster. As such, all three have certain common and certain unique functionalities. Let’s do the AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud comparison across parameters like compute, storage, databases, locations, documentation, networking, and pricing.

  • Compute:AWS provides the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service to manage all compute services via pre-configured virtual machines. Google Cloud has the Google Compute Engine while Azure offers Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine scale sets.
  • Storage:When it comes to storage, the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is probably the best. If you are looking for extensive documentation storage, proper community support and a proven track record, then AWS it is. On the other hand, one can also go with the reliable Microsoft Azure Storage and Google Cloud Storage.
  • Databases:Amazon has Relational Database Service (RDS), while Azure SQL and Cloud SQL are the RDBMS services by Azure and Google respectively. AWS RDS offers support for the likes of Oracle and PostgreSQL, while Azure also has support for the latter.
  • Location:You can be sure of the reliable worldwide coverage by all three. AWS has 25 regions with 81 availability zones. Azure has 60+ regions with a minimum of 3 availability zones. Google Cloud has 27 regions with availability in 82 zones.
  • Documentation:You can trust all three platforms to provide world-class documentation.
  • Networking:All three platforms provide comparable services, with AWS and Google opting for Virtual Private Cloud network while Azure offers Vnet (Virtual Network).
  • Pricing:AWS and Azure have comparable pricing for all instances and offer pay-per-minute billing options. Google Cloud is more flexible and offers a pay-per-second billing option.

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Pros & Cons

Enterprises must carefully evaluate the following pros and cons of each cloud platform before selection.

  • AWS

Pros – Most comprehensive services, most mature, highest compute capacity, compatible with all major software

Cons – Requires purchase of Dev/Enterprise support, limited options for hybrid cloud

  • Azure

Pros – Relatively cheaper, fantastic hybrid cloud support, best AI, ML and analytics, ready integration for existing Microsoft services

Cons – Fewer services vs AWS, tailored more for enterprises

  • Google Cloud

Pros – Ideal for containerised workloads, global fibre network, seamless integration with Google ecosystem

Cons – Relative lack of services and enterprise use cases


AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud – Tips for Selection

  • Experts recommend selecting the cloud service on a case-by-case basis instead of going with just one vendor
  • Go for AWS if you want maximum cloud services and the largest portfolio of products
  • Choose Azure if your organisation has a Microsoft tools core
  • Choose Google Cloud if you want the best pricing model


Today, enterprises have the power to leverage and adopt multi-cloud environments to get the best of all three platforms. Regardless, make sure you do your due diligence by comparing all the features and functionalities for your required use cases. You can always build your team’s expertise in any new cloud service by enrolling in certified AWS training, Azure training or GCP training. At RPS Consulting, we offer OEM-certified, on-demand courses with up-to-date modules and hands-on lab training. Now, skill up for your chosen cloud platform anywhere, anytime.

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