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Top 10 Azure Certification

Top Ten In-demand Highest Paying Azure Certifications in 2021

September 16th 2021 |Deepika

As it is one of the most popular cloud platforms globally, Microsoft Azure gives tough competition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Market research shows that 85% of Fortune 500 compa...

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Azure Certification

The Complete Guide To Microsoft Azure Certification Path

September 6th 2021 |Deepika

With approximately 715 million users, Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud platforms in the world. Companies from all over the world are opting for Azure owing to its various advantages...

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Dynamic 365 to align sales and marketing

Dynamic 365 Training And Certification – Your Way To Align Sales And Marketing Teams

March 1st 2021 |Deepika

We all work in a disrupted environment these days – a price to pay to survive the pandemic. Sadly, this has widened the already existing gap between the marketing and sales teams of most orga...

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5 Tips that Helped Me Prepare for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination

December 7th 2020 |rpsadmin

According to a forecast by Cisco, cloud traffi...

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Ways Power BI Premium Can Help Enterprise Markets

December 7th 2020 |rpsadmin

For enterprise markets, the evolution of Power BI Premium is the biggest thing on the horizon. Those who have been lucky to preview the platform have already been able to assess how Power BI Premiu...

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6 Ways Dynamic 365 Online Training Can Help Your Business Soar High

November 18th 2020 |rpsadmin

Technology is a real game-changer for businesses. No matter what the core functions are, you will need an efficient and robust ERP software to make the change happen. If you are looking for path-br...

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Adapting To The New Normal With Power Platform Training

October 24th 2020 |rpsadmin

Never before have organizations faced the challenges of working through a pandemic. Employees may have the latest Microsoft certifications but how can they put them to use when the...

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Microsoft Azure Administrator Training – Your Launch Pad to Becoming an Azure Administrator

October 13th 2020 |rpsadmin

With cloud technology evolving at such a fast pace, there has never been a better time to set off on a promising career with Microsoft Azure Administrator Training. Every business ...

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Why Migrate to Cloud – How Enterprises & Professionals Can Benefit?

September 14th 2020 |rpsadmin

The global public cloud computing market is set to hit $330 billion by the end of 2020. It is significant considering the market size was only $2.2 million in the year 2018. Enterprises that are sp...

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14 Most Valuable IT Certifications For Better Career Prospects

August 31st 2020 |rpsadmin

Everything around us is evolving faster and so is technology. As an IT professional, you should be quick to adapt to keep up with the pace and requirements of a transforming industry. Now the quest...

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How Power Platform helps Businesses during COVID-19

April 28th 2020 |rpsadmin

A worldwide crisis like COVID-19 comes unannounced and changes the way we work. While nobody could have anticipated such an event and planned for it, Microsoft team help companies deal with the cri...

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Dynamic 365 And The Power Platform – Your Way To Accelerate Innovation

April 21st 2020 |rpsadmin

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Today, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are accelerating innovation in every sphere. From manufacturing setups t...

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5 Reasons Why I Choose Microsoft 365

February 25th 2020 |rpsadmin

We live in a fast-paced world where doing our job efficiently, securely and at a quicker pace matters the most. Wondering is there a way to improve your team’s productivity while playing by the boo...

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Migrating To Microsoft 365 From Office 365, How Enterprise Can Benefit.

January 14th 2020 |rpsadmin

Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint- these are some of the most commonly used programs amongst all enterprises. Many people use Microsoft and Office interchangeably when talking about these pr...

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How Companies Can Enhance Their Business Intelligence With Microsoft Power BI

December 11th 2019 |rpsadmin

Let’s say there’s a product ‘A’ that isn’t selling well in a store. To get it off the shelves, the store may choose to discount the product. The result- it does get sold but the profit margins are ...

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Microsoft Certification

November 14th 2019 |rpsadmin

Running a successful business isn’t just about hiring the best people for your team. It’s also about investing in your team so that they stay at the top of their game. It might seem counterintuitiv...

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Upgrade Your Skills with Power BI Training

October 3rd 2019 |rpsadmin

As analysts, we’re surrounded by data in a million different forms. For us, Excel is much more than just tables. It’s how we make sense of this data and put it into usable forms. This was great unt...

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How to prepare for Azure Cloud Certification

May 27th 2019 |rpsadmin

With a consistent increase in the number of public cloud service providers, the very nature of the IT service industry has undergone a sea-change. The major cloud pl...

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Introducing Windows Server 2019

December 16th 2018 |rpsadmin

Microsoft recently launched its Windows Server 2019.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Windows server 2016 was one of the best server application that Microsoft ever introd...

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Dynamics 365 Training – How it helps to improve your operational efficiency

August 14th 2020 |rpsadmin

When you think of building assets as a business owner, the mind tends to veer towards buying space for the office, computers, machines, etc. But, there’s another asset that you need to consider inv...

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Microsoft 365 Training – A Surefire Way to Transform Your Business Processes

July 15th 2020 |rpsadmin

Whether you’re in the healthcare sector, the travel industry, HR, or any other part of the economy, your organization is dependent on technology for many functions. With intelligent cloud services,...

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RPS Consulting – Microsoft Gold Learning Partner

March 10th 2020 |rpsadmin

We are very happy to announce that RPS Consulting is now a Gold Learning Partner for Microsoft.

The gold partnership is the highest level of accreditation that Microsoft awa...

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Which Microsoft Azure Certification is best for you

November 5th 2019 |rpsadmin

When you’re a developer, keeping pace with evolving technology isn’t optional, it’s a necessity. For example, today, the code I work on isn’t stored on the computer server- it’s stored on a cloud. ...

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Build and Certify Expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Business Apps

October 25th 2019 |rpsadmin

There’s a lot I do as a sales manager- analyze reports, build customer relationships, set revenue targets, help the team achieve these targets and lots more. You have to be good and efficient at wh...

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Azure Container Services

October 17th 2018 |rpsadmin

Containers Are Not Used Just For Storage; They Are Much More Than That!

Till today, you might have thought containers are used just for storing things. Azure Contain...

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