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Top 10 Microsoft Azure Certifications in Demand

  • By Deepika
  • 14-Jul-2022

Microsoft’s goods and services have become essential to the world’s commercial organizations. Microsoft has launched certification programs to verify its users’ proficiency in using various products and services. Therefore, there has been an increase in the need for people with expertise in.NET, Azure, Visual Studio, MS Project, and other areas.

If you want to take your IT career to the next level, the Microsoft Azure Certification is a great choice. Three levels of certifications are available depending on the amount of expertise you wish to attain. This is a three-tiered system: Basic, Associate, and Expert.

Many companies are willing to pay a large sum of money to hire certified Azure specialists worldwide. Microsoft Azure certifications are among the most sought-after in the industry.

Fundamental Level Azure Certifications

Azure certifications begin at this level. Examining for an Azure fundamentals certification will reveal your profession options and let you decide whether you want to pursue them further.

1.    The AZ-900 Exam for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Azure certification begins with the first test, the AZ-900. This certification is aimed to provide applicants with a thorough understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud services at a fundamental level. Non-technical applicants benefit the most from this test because it helps them better comprehend how cloud computing services can assist in alleviating their daily workloads.

2.    Microsoft Azure Administrator – AZ-104

Applicants for the Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-104 should be familiar with all aspects of setting up, maintaining, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure installation.

You’ll be in charge of setting up and maintaining cloud-based identity management and governance system and provisioning and sizing resources as needed. You’ll also be in charge of monitoring and making adjustments to these systems.

At least 6 months of hands-on expertise administering Azure and a thorough understanding of fundamental Azure services, Azure workloads, encryption, and governance are required for candidates to take this test.

3.    Microsoft Azure Developer – AZ-204

Microsoft Azure Developer – AZ-204 exam is designed for cloud developers that work at every stage of the development process, from defining requirements and designing through developing, deploying, and maintaining them. They work with cloud DBAs, cloud admins, and customers to implement solutions.

Azure SDKs, data storage solutions, data connections, APIs, authentication and permission for apps, deployment of containers, debugging, performance tuning, and analytics should all be strong points for candidates.

Microsoft Azure experience and professional development experience of at least one to two years is required for this position. Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell, and other Azure-supported toolsets are prerequisites for this position.

4.    Microsoft Azure Security Engineer – AZ-500

Engineers who want to understand, implement and manage security controls and access management while also taking on responsibility for cloud computing data security and information security will benefit greatly from Azure Security Engineer, which suggests its intended audience.

This certification test requires you to be proficient in virtual technology abilities such as scripting, virtual networking, and virtual automation to pass. You should also have a working grasp of Microsoft cloud computing services and other solutions that are out there. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of passing the test and getting your credential.

5.    Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – AI-102

Using Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – AI-102 or Azure Cognitive Services & Azure Applied AI, candidates can design, manage, and deploy AI applications that use Azure.

Requirements definition and design, development, deployment, performance tweaking and monitoring are only some of the tasks they are expected to take part in. They collaborate with solution architects, data scientists, database administrators, IoT specialists, & AI developers to design end-to-end AI solutions.

Candidates should be able to leverage REST-based APIs and SDKs to construct computer vision, natural language processing, data mining, and chatbots solutions on Azure and should be skilled in C# or Python before taking this test.

6.    Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – DP-100

Popularity and esteem for this qualification have skyrocketed in recent years. To earn the Azure Data Scientist certification, professionals must pass an associate-level exam that tests their ability to build and implement data science solutions on Azure.

Those with the Azure Data Scientist (Associate) certification can use Azure machine learning techniques and procedures to build and deploy a variety of models to address a wide range of business and operational concerns.

7.    Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – DP-203

Microsoft Azure DP 203 candidates must be able to integrate, transform, and consolidate data from multiple diverse data systems into a framework that is suitable for constructing analytics solutions.

Using a variety of tools and approaches, Azure data engineers assist users in exploring the data and creating and maintaining processing pipelines that are secure and comply with regulatory requirements. Professionals in this field employ a variety of Azure data services & languages to clean and enrich datasets before they are analyzed.

Certifications at the Expert Level

8.    Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect – AZ-303

In order to successfully crack the Microsoft Azure Architect AZ 303 exam, a candidate must have extensive expertise and knowledge in all facets of IT operations, including networking, virtualization, identity management, security, disaster recovery, data storage, budgeting, and governance.

An Azure solution architect’s responsibilities include advising stakeholders and turning business requirements into reliable, scalable, and dependable cloud-based systems.

9.    Microsoft Azure Architect Design – AZ-304

Microsoft Azure Architect Design – AZ-304 exam candidates should have experience designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure, including components such as compute, network, storing, and security, as well as an understanding of cloud computing concepts.

Candidates must be able to administer Azure at an intermediate level. In addition, candidates should have a working knowledge of Azure development and DevOps methodologies.

10. Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer – AZ-400

The AZ-400 certification test is the final step in the Azure certification process. Microsoft Azure components and functionalities are used to assess a candidate’s professional capacity to deliver cloud services.

The goal of the AZ-400 exam is to certify the applicant as a Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer by reviewing all of the candidate’s previous examinations. The AZ-400 test measures your ability to plan, communicate, collaborate, implement, code, establish automation and deliver and monitor different areas of Azure.


There are numerous steps involved in the Microsoft Azure certifications. It is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the IT business. Start training for your certification today to give your career a major boost.

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