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Which Microsoft certification should I do for data analytics?

July 26th 2022 |Deepika

One of the industries with the fastest global growth today is undoubtedly data analytics. Big data analytics demand is anticipated to reach $68.09 ...

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Power BI

How Power Bi certification can boost your team’s productivity?

July 18th 2022 |Deepika

Your sales team’s job of knowing their customer base isn’t easy in an ever-changing market with vast data known. Every day, a deluge of...

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Power BI VS Tableau

Power BI vs Tableau in 2022

December 14th 2021 |Deepika

Power BI vs Tableau has been a contentious issue in the enterprise business intelligence circle. As we enter 2022, the de...

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Adapting To The New Normal With Power Platform Training

October 24th 2020 |rpsadmin

Never before have organizations faced the challenges of working through a pandemic. Employees may have the latest Microsoft certifications<...

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How Power Platform helps Businesses during COVID-19

April 28th 2020 |rpsadmin

A worldwide crisis like COVID-19 comes unannounced and changes the way we work. While nobody could have anticipated such an event and planned for i...

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How Companies Can Enhance Their Business Intelligence With Microsoft Power BI

December 11th 2019 |rpsadmin

Let’s say there’s a product ‘A’ that isn’t selling well in a store. To get it off the shelves, the store may choose to discount the product. The re...

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Upgrade Your Skills with Power BI Training

October 3rd 2019 |rpsadmin

As analysts, we’re surrounded by data in a million different forms. For us, Excel is much more than just tables. It’s how we make sense of this dat...

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