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How Power Bi certification can boost your team’s productivity?

  • By Deepika
  • 18-Jul-2022

Your sales team’s job of knowing their customer base isn’t easy in an ever-changing market with vast data known. Every day, a deluge of data is poured in. Sorting through data sets, spreadsheets, and a dozen apps might slow them down, limiting your company’s growth and profitability.

Instead of focusing entirely on scrutinizing customer data in front of them, sales staff should use data visualization to uncover insights that aren’t immediately visible.

It is where the Power BI Certification programs come into play. They allow your teams to centralize, consolidate, and visualize their data. It’s cloud-based and works with various apps, making the procedure much more manageable.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a brand-new tool in the hands of businesses that are overwhelmed by the amount of data they have on hand and haven’t had a cost-effective way to pull insights from it until now. It is all about pulling data from numerous unrelated sources with this BI tool.

The Power BI tool is a fantastic approach for businesses to optimize their infrastructure, utilize best practices, and introducing new processes to increase revenue and satisfy company objectives. Business intelligence refers to all the data and information available to a business intelligence specialist to help them make better business decisions, foresee trends, enhance sales, and avoid dangers.

Through the Power BI course, you will work on various real-world projects.

  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop layouts
  • BI reports
  • Dashboards
  • Power BI DAX commands
  • Functions

The in-depth Power BI training teaches you how to experiment, fix, prepare, and display data quickly and easily. Microsoft Power BI is a widely used business intelligence technology, and a Power BI course takes a hands-on, practical learning approach to help you master it.

Power BI Courses

Employees/candidates who wish to learn how to use Power BI tools and build customized visual reports should take this course. It’s also appropriate for BI and reporting experts, data analysts, and people in any industry who work with data. To assist you in establishing a successful IT career, the following role-based certifications are available:

  • Microsoft Fundamentals (Fundamentals)
  • Microsoft Administrator (Associate)
  • Microsoft Developer (Associate)
  • Microsoft AI Engineer Associate (Associate)
  • Microsoft Data Engineer Associate (Associate)
  • Microsoft Security Engineer (Associate)
  • Microsoft Data Scientist (Associate)
  • Microsoft Solutions Architect (Expert)
  • Microsoft DevOps Engineer (Expert)
  • Microsoft SAP Workloads (Specialty)
  • Microsoft IoT Developer (Specialty)

 Power Bi Certification to Enhance Your Team’s Productivity

With Power Bi Certification, you may increase the productivity of your team in the following ways:

1.    Improved Time Management

You can immediately see how many channels you’re a member of and how much time you spend interacting with each by monitoring team activity with Power BI. This knowledge can help you improve your time management skills. For example, are you frequently distracted by talks in channels where you never participate? You might find that muting these channels allows you to focus more readily.

2.    Evaluation of Team Performance

Managers can benefit significantly from activity analysis and insights into workplace technology such as Microsoft Teams. The reports reveal how much time your coworkers spend in meetings, if they participate in many discussions and how well they collaborate. It can assist you in figuring out how to structure collaboration at your organization and get a sense of how engaged distant workers are.

3.    Instant Reports

Businesses are constantly looking for innovative methods to boost productivity. For a sales team, this could mean ditching time-consuming manual reporting in favor of a technology partner who can comb through data from various sources and generate valuable insights. Pipeline data and sales trends can be provided in hours, minutes, or even seconds, rather than days, giving you more time to study and formulate strategic plans.

4.    Adoption and Training Strategies

Once again, Power BI comes to the rescue. Activity analytics reports from Microsoft Teams can be pretty beneficial for alerting managers about technology adoption rates. The information may show who’s using the app, how much time they spend in Teams, and whether or not they’re utilizing it. You can then use this to help plan your training and adoption strategy.

5.    Cross-departmental Data Sharing

For your sales force to flourish, your company’s other divisions must also be analytically successful. Because Power BI supports over 60 apps, various departments can import and share data, providing deeper insight. A sales team can more successfully realign their plans by observing where marketing initiatives have succeeded, for example.

6.    Quota management

Setting realistic quotas in an ever-changing market is difficult, especially when your sales success is dependent on variables like area, month, and customer segment. Power BI solves the problem by bringing together historical and current data in one location, allowing you to set realistic goals for the future.

Your sales crew is well-versed in the art of closing a deal. With the insights provided through data visualization, you can help them get there faster.


Power BI certification training will assist you and your team in getting the most out of the software and simultaneously allow you to solve business challenges and improve operations. This certification course will teach you how to generate dashboards from published reports, gain a deeper understanding of data, and create practical recipes for the numerous activities that Microsoft Power BI can perform.

With case studies and practical guidance, the Power BI certification provides a complete tutorial on importing, manipulating, and visualizing data with Power BI.

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