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Microsoft Azure Devops Training – Optimize Application Lifecycle Management

October 29th 2020 |rpsadmin

It goes without saying that to stay ahead in the market, an organization needs to be able to launch and improve applications and services at a faster pace. This is where DevOps and the need for Read More..

Reasons To Choose GCP Training

August 1st 2020 |rpsadmin

Google is the one thing we all trust blindly these days. Living up to its reputation, the Google Cloud Platform is known for reliability, scalability and easy adoption. It’s no surprise that severa...

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How To Choose Your Cloud Career Path?

June 16th 2019 |rpsadmin

This is the age of the internet. The word ‘’Cloud’’ is literally everywhere.
Cloud computing in simple terms pertains to the delivery of various computing services such as servers, storage, o...

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