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How To Choose Your Cloud Career Path?

  • By rpsadmin
  • 16-Jun-2019

This is the age of the internet. The word ‘’Cloud’’ is literally everywhere.
Cloud computing in simple terms pertains to the delivery of various computing services such as servers, storage, operating systems, databases, networking, web analytics, and intelligence.  It is basically a method which provides a platform for outsourcing and sharing computer resources with others. So, without the internet, cloud computing is not technically possible. The features of Infrastructure as a code (IaC) has enabled cloud computing services much easier to manage and program.

The success of cloud mainly depends upon its availability and scaling. When talking about scalability in computing, one will mainly hear about two things: horizontal and vertical scaling. The high availability of cloud computing jobs prove that they are durable and reliable.

Cloud services now emerge as a prime provider of just-in-time provisioning. The SAML attribute query serve as an excellent protocol for these types of services.

Cloud computing surpasses all limits and creates a lot of possibilities in the future. But is it a good option to choose as a career path?

Before going through this article, one must have an idea about all the essential things which they will get to know:

1: Why should you learn cloud computing?

2: What are the skills needed to become a cloud engineer/scientist?

3: What are some of the best courses available for cloud computing?

So how does one actually choose a cloud career?

Day to day, many companies are moving their critical IT infrastructure to cloud-based environments. The reason for this is pretty straight forward. Cloud-based computing allows employees to work from anywhere, increases collaboration, and centralizes software and security updates, and definitely gives them a better chance to go ahead and change their careers.

With all the benefits of cloud computing, it’s no doubt that IT companies are moving in this direction. And with this shift comes a need for professional IT employees who have the skills to help.  

There are a variety of online and offline sites that have added cloud computing to its list of IT courses. The cloud domain is highly demanded in this field. Skills gained from major service providers such as Microsoft Training, AWS Training, Google Cloud Training, could jumpstart one’s career in the field of computing or help one to upgrade their careers.

How to build your career in cloud computing?

  • Training and certifications: Most of the IT resumes now consider a wide range of industry and vendor training certifications. They have well-curated modules to help an individual understand various cloud platforms.
  • Assessing the platforms:  An in-depth understanding of various cloud computing platforms are required. Top cloud platforms include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google cloud platform, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Knowledge of Analytics and metrics: The ability to measure and determine a vast amount of analytical data related to how different cloud environments function is crucial.
  • Write a career action plan: Decide what are the factors that will benefit you and add to your knowledge by choosing this career path. There may be instances where your previous career has not been beneficial, or you might just want to start fresh and new with a field.
  • Make a list of occupation/jobs: Carefully study the market and analyze the trends to select the best cloud computing job that pays well and fulfills your dream to work in cloud computing.

In-demand cloud computing jobs:

Increased demand from the employer offers a superior opportunity for individuals who want to kickstart their career in the cloud computing space. Here are the 10 most in-demand open job positions that list cloud-related jobs:

  • Cloud engineer
  • Software architect and engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • Development operations engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Front-end developer
  • Systems administrator
  • Data scientist
  • Java developer
  • Back-end developer

Cloud engineer job description:

The job description mentioned below basically applies to every cloud computing profession. Whether you are a cloud computing engineer or a cloud domain architect, you will have to take care of the following things:

  • As a cloud engineer, one has to design a proper blueprint for the organization which will be efficient enough to handle all types of situations.
  • Provide complete digital support to the clients and fulfill their needs and demands by performing basic levels of troubleshooting.
  • Will be responsible for renting the resources according to the criteria of the project as and when the need arises.
  • Determine the cost of cloud computing resources to be used and derive a plan beforehand.
  • Monitor and evaluate the cloud resources to maintain its availability at all times.
  • Manage all cloud computing resources using management tools and services.

The future of Cloud computing:

Cloud computing has become a key function of all business organizations that focus on digital transformation strategy. They project cloud services to be a major part of changing their enterprise’s digital outlook. All the IT requirements of the organization need a cloud computing architect as it has no become a norm for most of the organizations.

The cloud computing software has begun to dominate the business landscapes at large and the interest of employers to fill in their organization’s positions have also increased. Employer interest for candidates with cloud computing skills has increased up to 33%.

Cloud computing for sure does make a significant impact on the way of doing traditional businesses.

In a nutshell:

Cloud computing services deliver your software on demand. They are efficient and its services make it easy for the IT professionals and developers to order resources and maintain their accounts. So if you are planning to choose cloud computing as your career option or to upgrade from your current job , then this might definitely be the best option to choose from.


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