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Upgrade Your Skills with Power BI Training

  • By rpsadmin
  • 3-Oct-2019

As analysts, we’re surrounded by data in a million different forms. For us, Excel is much more than just tables. It’s how we make sense of this data and put it into usable forms. This was great until I discovered Power BI. With this new magic wand, I can create beautifully branded reports, cross filter between charts and get high-level analytical reports.

If you haven’t explored this tool yet, here’s everything you need to know about it and how a Power BI Certification can expand your career opportunities.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is the latest business analytics tool by Microsoft. It is available in the form of the Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service and Power BI apps for phones and android devices. Power BI works as a set of connectors, apps and software services. It connects the dots between data that seem unrelated and creates coherent and visually interesting reports with interactive insights and real-time analytics. It focuses on predictive reporting.

According to recent statistics, Microsoft’s Power BI commands 12% of the Business Intelligence market share. In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report, 2018, Power BI was recognized as a leader in the analytics field.

The beauty of Power BI is that it can connect to differently sized data sources. This includes Excel spreadsheets, NoSQL databases, cloud storage, flat files, relational databases, data warehouses, Big data tools, and many more.

What Does Power BI Have That Excel Does Not

Excel is great for mathematical operations, data organization and ordinary analytics. It’s a spreadsheet system best suited to tabular style reports. On the other hand, Power BI is a data visualization and Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Power BI makes analyzing large amounts of data much easier than Excel. Here’s how.

  • Cross-Filtering Between Charts
  • Dashboard Refreshment
  • Higher-Level Analytics
  • Reports Are Available In Many Different Forms
  • Simplifies The Process Of Building Complex Data Models
  • Easy To Separate Tables As And When Needed
  • Handle Large Datasets
  • Sharing Data And Reports Is Flexible
  • The Dashboard Can Be Customized
  • Faster Processing Speeds

If you’ve ever struggled with making a report that captures all the facts and figures while looking interesting, Power BI is the tool you need.

Power BI Training

No matter how IT savvy you are, to understand the capabilities of Power BI and utilize it to its full potential, you’ll need some training and should ideally pass the Power BI Certification Exam. A Microsoft course on Power BI is something Business Analysts, BI Professionals, Business intelligence developers, Data Analysts like me and SQL professionals should look into. From manufacturing and retail to healthcare and banking, being able to use Power BI can be advantageous to professionals dealing with data in every field.

A Microsoft Training course on Power BI will empower you to use Power BI in many different ways. After this course you will be able to:

  • Develop visually stunning reports
  • Create customized dashboards
  • Optimize data within your models
  • Connect data from various sources and get cohesive analytics
  • Shape data into the form you need
  • Showcase relationships between tables in the dataset
  • Enhance your dataset with DAX functions
  • And much more

Can It Help Your Career?

A Power BI Certification course may take just three days but is it really worth it? If you ask me- yes it is.

Think about it- if you were to hire someone for your analytics team, wouldn’t you want someone who could get real-time analytics and present data in an easy to understand form? Wouldn’t you want someone who can spot trends easily and make predictions that take your business into the future…

The career options that could open up for you after completing such a source include Business Intelligence Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and BI Developer positions.

A Power BI course is an upgrade for your skill sets. As more companies discover the possibilities of Power BI, an ability to work with Power BI could become as essential as Excel. To wait till then might be too late. So, enroll in a course now.

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