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6 Ways Dynamic 365 Online Training Can Help Your Business Soar High

  • By rpsadmin
  • 18-Nov-2020

Technology is a real game-changer for businesses. No matter what the core functions are, you will need an efficient and robust ERP software to make the change happen. If you are looking for path-breaking solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the one you should go for. As you know, Dynamic 365 improves your operational efficiency and goes beyond the traditional CRM and ERP applications to give you a competitive edge in the market.

The Dynamic 365 Online Training Edge

If you’ve been thinking about Dynamic 365 online training to up your game, here are some of the advantages this platform offers your business.

  • Keep All Operations Connected

Dynamics 365 is a unified interface that minimizes your team’s need to switch between apps and manually transfer data between them. It removes all traditional barriers and combines the back-end and front-end processes into a single end-to-end system. The tools are easy to integrate into the existing tools and thus easy to adopt. With an understanding of the Dynamic 365 fundamentals and the tools provided, your team can independently customize solutions and create new apps that meet their needs.

  • Know Your Customer Better

To be successful, you need to know your customer. Dynamics 365 pulls together all kinds of customer data from various verticals so that you get a 360-degree view of your customer’s needs and preferences. This data is presented as actionable insights that can help you personalize your customer’s experience and track your interactions with them.

When you understand your customer well, you can design customer-centric products and services and improve your customer care services. Giving your team members Dynamic 365 online training empowers them to attract more customers and keep your existing customers loyal to your brand.

  • Increase ROI

Dynamics 365 follows a modular licensing model. This makes the platform versatile and suited to businesses of all sizes. The cloud-based nature also means that businesses can tailor the platform to meet their requirements.  You get to pick and choose apps according to your needs and budget instead of investing resources in unnecessary apps. In this way, it maximizes your ROI while staying within your budget.

  • Boost Productivity

There are two ways this platform influences your team’s productivity. Firstly, Dynamic 365 improves your operational efficiency by allowing users to work from anywhere and thus shortening the overall project timelines. Secondly, it combines data from CRM, ERP and add-on apps into a single data model that can be accessed by your team any time and from anywhere. Any edits made are instantly reflected in the data model and hence collaboration becomes simpler and daily tasks become easier.

  • Make Smarter Decision

With Dynamics 365 your team can get access to not just data but, real-time insights from this data. The system is connected to PowerBI, Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence that enables it to offer built-in predictive analytics. They also help visualize data for easier understanding. These insights play an important role in helping you make the right decisions for your business’s future.

  • Improve Security And Compliance

Dynamics 365 features robust security measures and access controls built into its cloud services. This includes user and administrator access, service hosting platform, network connectivity and a physical datacenter.

Giving you full control over your data protects it from being accessed by unauthorized users and helps you comply with security regulations. In addition, the back-end framework and security updates are handled by Microsoft to minimize the load on your company’s IT department. Data is also backed up on the Microsoft secure cloud to ensure that you never lose any data.

Giving Your Team the Training They Require

Giving your team access to the right technology is only one half of your challenge. The second half is ensuring your team knows its potential and how to use the tools. Dynamic 365 online training can be customized to your team needs.

Courses range from fundamental courses that cover the basics to role-based courses. Candidates can participate in these sources as part of a private batch or a public program. Classes may even be scheduled on weekends so that they don’t interfere with the workweek. Take the right decision now and give your team the tools and the training they need to make your business soar higher.

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