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Dynamic 365 And The Power Platform – Your Way To Accelerate Innovation

  • By rpsadmin
  • 21-Apr-2020

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Today, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are accelerating innovation in every sphere. From manufacturing setups to amusement parks, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are bringing in changes that streamline processes, personalize experiences and make enterprises more efficient. It’s not very surprising to note that in the last year alone, the number of monthly active users has increased by 300%. So, let’s take a closer look at how industries are benefitting.

Bridging the gap between offline retailers and online customers

Dynamics 365 Commerce unifies physical stores, websites and call center channels to create a flexible, cloud commerce solution that ties up all backend operations and delivers customer-first experiences. On one hand, it uses AI-driven personalization and integrated clienteling to offer smoother inventory management, merchandising, etc. and on the other, it uses built-in development and web authoring tools to create intelligent and engaging web storefronts. With the right Dynamic 365 training, this solution is flexible, scalable and reliable.

For example, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates has partnered with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to build a unified platform that brings together wholesale, retail and online sales channels. It is transforming the way they conduct their business by creating one solution or both the physical and digital sales channels.

Making Supply Chains Efficient with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Improving efficiency is one way of looking at innovation. By harnessing data collected through the Internet of Things and analyzing it, better decisions can be made about activities on the production floor as well as future investments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and IoT Intelligence offer real-time information with meaningful insights to streamline operations and minimize wastage. By creating an interconnected supply chain management system, it gives everyone; the partners, employees, and customers a better experience.

For example, Majans, a snack manufacturer has found Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management beneficial for their production line. Real-time data offered by the IoT has reduced their cycle time to action at all the different production levels. It’s given their front line employees the information they need to make decisions faster and has built a better supply chain while staying true to a lean manufacturing process.

Improving Employee Onboarding and Training

Training employees, especially for technical positions, is always challenging. Dynamics 365 Guides are working towards bridging the physical and digital worlds to make this process easier. Step by step visual and video instructions and holographic overlays paired with HoloLens 2 is empowering employees to learn in real-time situations. It makes training more efficient and reduces the time frame needed to come up to speed. That’s not all, it encourages learning by making the process more engaging and fulfilling.

For example, this is being used by PACCAR, a premium truck manufacturer for their employee training. The pick-up rate for skills has increased as has employee satisfaction and confidence. Also, by analyzing employee performance data with real-time Power BI dashboards, they have found that processes that need improvement are easier to identify and work upon. The best part- there’s no coding required, just Power platform training.

Personalizing Customer Experiences

Applications like the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are playing a big role in unifying data collected from multiple sources and using it to personalize customer experiences across various touchpoints. This, in turn, boosts loyalty, increases engagement between consumers and brands and strengthens the bond between them. The data collected through this platform can also be leveraged when creating marketing collateral and designing targeted incentives.

For example, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to make suggestions on food, music, rides and other experiences to guests based on rides they have taken. They are also using the data collected to design loyalty programs that keep customers coming back.

Easier Development of Customized Apps

When coupled with the Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it easier for anyone to build a custom app even if they do not have a high level of coding skills. In the last year, Power Apps productions grew by 700%! These apps can be used in millions of different ways but have a common objective- to make the organizations functioning smoother and to foster collaboration. By democratizing this process, it frees employees to work on higher valued tasks.

For example, the American Red Cross used the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to deal with a fire in 2018. They built a Power app to bring together data from different sources and find places for people who had lost their homes to stay. They’ve also used Power Automate to save time and streamline processes for better decision making.

Our Two Cents

From small businesses to fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform are making their mark felt across the world. With the Dynamic 365 certification, it’s driving transformative successes and empowering people to do more. So, what’s holding you back from making it a part of your system?

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