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Why Microsoft Power Platform is a Much-Coveted Skill in 2022?

  • By Deepika
  • 20-Apr-2022

According to a report published by Gartner in 2021, Microsoft achieved the fourth place in enterprise low-code application programs. One of the predictions in the report was that 70% of all new applications that enterprises develop will use no-code or low-code technologies by 2025. In 2020, this number was under 25%. If you plan to gain expertise in any specific skill or platform this year, a Microsoft Power Platform certification is the way to go.

Microsoft Power Platform provides a wide range of benefits to business organisations and is seeing a rapid increase in adoption. As an IT professional, you should know what Power Platform is, its services, and how it can help you advance your career.

Microsoft Power Platform and Its Products:

Power Platform includes several low codes or no-code tools in Microsoft 365 to help enterprises create customised applications. The concept of Power Platform is relatively new. However, each of its components is familiar and easy to use. These components have been around for a while, and you might have used them in various roles.

Microsoft Power Platform and its components give personnel in an organisation the energy and skills to thrive and grow. Businesses are now seeing the benefits of data to drive business solutions. Cloud services today are used to store and use data from multiple sources to accelerate business growth.

Power Platform allows IT professionals to implement several actions that drive impact for business organisations. These actions can be categorised as analysis, action and automation. Using the skills available within Power Platform and its components, the whole team in an organisation can drive growth through proper data usage and optimisation.

Some of the products and components covered under Microsoft Power Platform are given here. They help professionals in interacting with data in several ways.

  1. Power BI: BI stands for Business Intelligence. Business organisations use Power BI to analyse data from various sources to drive business growth. Essentially, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool. It is a huge part of the Microsoft Power Platform skills.
  2. Power Apps: Power Apps is primarily used to build highly powerful mobile applications. It is also implemented for the internal operations of a business. Power Apps has a feature called ‘drag and drop’ that helps users develop intuitive interfaces while building apps.
  3. Power Automate: Microsoft Power Automate is used by businesses to automate workflows and business operations. This results in reduced manual intervention in operations and processes. Additionally, Power Automate doesn’t need any coding to automate business workflows. It was formerly known as Microsoft Flow.
  4. Power Virtual Agents: Power Virtual Agents is another powerful tool within the Microsoft Power Platform package. Businesses use Power Virtual Agents to develop chatbots with the flexibility to communicate with customers on the outside. There is no need to write even a line of code. Power Virtual Agents is a no-code tool that helps you create virtual chat agents without coding expertise.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform in 2022:

  1. Opportunities for low-code and no-code development:
    Power Platform gives employees in an organisation the chance to build apps, integrations, chatbots, reports, and automation without prior expertise in coding or software development. Earlier, employees were entirely dependent on their IT departments for all their development needs. Now, they can create solutions on their own with just a fundamental understanding of technical aspects.
  2. Mobile accessibility:
    All the tools covered in the Microsoft Power Platform are available for mobile platforms. You can easily download these tools onto your tablet or smartphone since they are optimised for almost every screen size. You can allow people to use your applications, read reports and visit your dashboards.
  3. Simple business process automation:
    A focus on automation will be critical for business success in 2022. Every organisation deals with business processes that are important but repetitive and time-consuming. For higher productivity, Microsoft Power Platform helps businesses automate these operational processes. It helps drive digital transformation and business growth in organisations across verticals and industries.
  4. Flexible working:
    Microsoft Power Platform ensures greater flexibility for its users while creating custom solutions to meet their unique business needs. It allows app integrations with several platforms, including Microsoft Teams, enabling teams and employees to streamline processes and increase efficiency.
  5. Greater insights and improved business processes:
    The data that businesses generate in a single day has several valuable insights that must be derived. Power Platform tools such as Power BI help with analysing and interpreting data that will allow businesses to make informed and data-driven decisions, implementing all changes effectively and efficiently.

Get a Microsoft Power Platform Certification:

With more entrepreneurs and businesses coming up, the level of competition in the market is rising. Organisations are looking for professionals who are skilled in using the Power Platform and its various functions. If you are looking to future-proof your career and find a vital IT skill to specialise in, this is the right place to start. Give your career a boost with a Power Platform certification.

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