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PL-100: Guide to Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

  • By Deepika
  • 6-Jun-2022

Many business professionals aim to catapult their expertise in their domains by upskilling. If you want to learn about building Microsoft Power Platform solutions that automate, transform, and simplify business operations, the PL 100 certification is an excellent pathway.

To enter this domain, you must be able to carry out the technical tasks of a business analyst, which include UX design, data modeling, process analysis, and requirements analysis. Professionals who excel as Power Platform app developers must be solution-focused, result-oriented, and self-directed. It would help if you had experience working with Microsoft Power Platform tools to create business solutions. In addition, it is advisable to have experience with Microsoft Teams, Excel Pivot Tables, and other Microsoft tools. Even without any training, you should be able to collaborate comfortably with Power Platform developer teams and IT administrators.

As a certified Microsoft Power Platform App Maker, you will:

  • Design and create apps
  • Automate business workflows
  • Analyse and visualize data in the context of automated workflows and apps
  • Implement and manage automated workflows and apps

Skills Needed for a PL 100 Certification Holder:

Becoming a successful Microsoft Power Platform app maker requires technical and soft skills. As a certified PL-100 professional, you must be able to create and envision solutions that can automate and simplify processes and tasks for individuals and teams. You should comprehend the data you are using and working on, and understand the problems that require resolving and the app experiences and processes needed.

When it comes to working style, you must be focused on solutions and self-motivated. You might have to use and connect to features of several Microsoft apps like Teams, 365, and various third-party solution providers. You should understand the limitations and functions of the tools available and understand possible applications.

As a part of a PL 100 certification training course, you will learn skills like

  • Building solutions to help with simplifying, automating, and transforming processes and tasks for yourself and your team, displaying deep expertise in the domain.
  • Implementing essential technical tasks of a business analyst, including basic UX design, data modeling, process analysis, and requirement analysis.
  • Creating and enforcing business processes, structuring digital data collection, improving the efficiency of repetitive tasks, and automating business processes.
  • Using Power Platform app maker tools for solving business problems.

Details of the PL-100 Certification Exam:

 The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker certification exam has the exam code – PL-100. Candidates writing the exam will have 150 minutes or 2 hours 30 minutes to write. During this time, they must answer between 40 and 60 questions in multiple-choice formats and other formats. You also have to pay an exam fee of USD 165 to sit for the exam. The exam is currently available only in English, so make sure you brush up your skills before applying for the exam.

As far as prerequisites go, the PL-100 exam has no formal requirements. The exam is graded on a scale of 1000 points. You need to score at least 700 points or 70% to clear the exam and earn the certification.

PL-100 Exam Policies You Should Know About:

 Microsoft has issued standard exam policies for each certification exam, differing slightly for certain exams based on expertise level and demand. These policies comprise rules that must be followed during, before and after the exam. Two policies that you must be aware of as an exam candidate are an exam retake policy and the exam cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Exam Retake Policy:

 According to this policy, candidates who don’t clear the exam in their first attempt need to wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam. They can reschedule their exam in this gap by logging into their certification dashboard. If they are unsuccessful on the second attempt, candidates must wait a minimum of 14 days before taking the exam. The same gap exists between each of the third, fourth and fifth exam attempts. Candidates can only attempt a certification exam in a single year five times.

Exam rescheduling and cancellation policy:

 For brief periods, Microsoft waives off the fee that would usually apply on rescheduling or cancelling the exam at least 24 hours before the scheduled exam. There is usually a zero charge to reschedule or cancel an exam appointment if this is executed a minimum of 6 business days before the appointment is scheduled.

What is Covered in the PL-100 Exam?

 Before you go for any certification exam, make sure you review the skills measured and the exam’s objectives. Microsoft regularly updates the tested skills to keep up with evolving market needs, so make sure you update your notes and prepare according to the latest exam guidelines.

The exact skills measured and their weightage in the exam are as follows:

  • Designing solutions – 10-15%
  • Creating solutions (55-60%)
  • Analysing and visualizing data (5-10%)
  • Implementing and managing solutions (15-20%)

It’s time to give your career a new turn and enroll in a PL-100 certification training course today.

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