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AZ 204: A Roadmap to Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Certification

  • By Deepika
  • 16-Mar-2022

This learning path will assist you in preparing for the Azure-204 Developing Solutions for the Microsoft Azure test. These courses will help you obtain a firm grasp of designing applications on Azure, even if you don’t plan to take the exam. The Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate certification is awarded to candidates who complete the AZ-204 certification exam.

The AZ-204 certification exam assesses your understanding of various topics. For instance, we’ll begin with computing solutions such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Function-as-a-Service. This will also look into Azure storage development. Blob storage, which helps store unstructured data, and Cosmos DB, a NoSQL datastore.

Moreover, you’ll then learn how to put security in place, including authentication, authorization, and managing identities. You’ll also gain an understanding of keeping track of your solutions, debugging them, and improving them. Finally, we’ll go over how to connect to Azure and third-party services and consume them.

What is Microsoft Azure Certification?

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular public cloud providers today, with the most rapid and ever-increasing acceptance rates among most businesses. As the number of Microsoft Azure clients grows in the industry, so does the need for Azure certified individuals, raising the value of the Azure skills you acquire. Pursuing the Azure certification path could be what you need to pursue a career in cloud computing.

Benefits of pursuing this course:

  • Industry-recognized certification: Upon completing the Azure training program, you will receive an industry-recognized course completion certificate.
  • Learn from the industry’s best: Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing from prominent industry experts, with content tailored to be industry-specific.

Why is This Course a Game-changer?

A Microsoft Azure certification verifies your cloud knowledge and expertise in a specific position. It can assist you in increasing your earning potential and staying ahead of your competition. By 2025, roughly 80% of all enterprise workloads will have moved to the cloud. It means that people who can design cloud apps and manage cloud infrastructures will be in great demand, and a Microsoft Azure certification may help you acquire these skills.

Overview of the AZ-204 Certification Course:

This course will prepare you to take and pass an exam that will demonstrate your ability to use cloud development tools on the Azure platform. We’ll look at the technologies you’ll need to know for the exam throughout the course, and we’ll assist you in comprehending what each service does and how you can use what you’ve learned here in your setting.

The Azure 204 Certification Exam has five domains in total:

  • Azure Compute Solution Development
  • Azure Storage Development
  • Azure Security Configuration
  • Solutions for monitoring, optimization, and troubleshooting
  • Connecting to Azure and Third-Party Services and Using Them

If you’re not familiar with some of these topics, this course will guide you and help you prepare for the questions asked in the examination. It may be difficult for people unfamiliar with Azure if you’re just getting started. The general requirement is that you have one to two years of experience working with Azure services, including containers, databases, and functions.

We’ll go over several sub-topics in each domain in greater depth later in the course. We’ll go over each domain one by one, utilizing each prior lesson as a foundation for the next. This approach will help you answer the test questions and have a practical understanding of how these components go together and how to build solutions to common challenges that businesses face today.

This is intended to help you think critically about the best answer to common difficulties in today’s cloud ecosystem, which will come in handy when you’re faced with situational questions on the Azure 204 exam and throughout your career.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create Azure computing solutions.
  • Create applications for Azure storage.
  • Set up Azure security.
  • Azure solutions are monitored, troubleshot, and optimized.
  • Connect to Azure services and third-party services and use them.

The Target Audience:

This Azure course is best suited for:

  • Those interested in becoming Azure developers
  • Those studying for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam


  • Basic knowledge of software development
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure

Training in Azure 204 will help you become a holistic professional. So, enrol in AZ 204 certification course to get started.


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