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PL-300: New Role-based Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Course

  • By Deepika
  • 25-May-2022

Microsoft has evolved from providing tool-based professional credentials to role-based certifications. Previous credentials included specializations in Azure, Visual Studio, and Microsoft 365 Suite. Today Microsoft credentials train professionals for roles like Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Cloud Developer.

The DA 100 certification is the minimum requirement if you want to become a Microsoft Data Analyst Associate. A Data Analyst (Associate) helps organizations analyze, visualize and transform data using Microsoft Power BI. However, the company has retired this exam and replaced it with the PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification.

Microsoft changed its DA-100 training course to match the changing market needs. It consistently upgrades its curriculum and training courses to stay relevant and meet changing skill and technology needs.

The PL-300 certification program will equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to drive business value using easy-to-understand data visualizations. It will also help stakeholders perform self-service analytics and configure and deploy solutions for end-users to consume.

Understanding the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Course:

The PL-300 certification exam tests a candidate’s understanding of building and designing scalable data models, transforming and cleaning data, and using advanced capabilities to drive business growth through simplified data visualizations.

Various topics are covered in this exam, broken down into four modules. These modules and their weightage in the exam are as follows:

  1. Preparing the data (15-20% weightage):
  • Gleaning data from multiple sources
  • Transforming, cleaning and loading data
  1. Modelling data (30-35% weightage):
  • Designing and developing data models
  • Using DAX to create model calculations
  • Optimising data model performance
  1. Visualising and analysing data (25-30% weightage):
  • Making dashboards
  • Creating reports
  • Recognising trends and patterns
  • Personalising reports for storytelling and usability
  1. Maintaining and deploying assets (20-25% weightage):
  • Managing workspaces, datasets and files

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Course Prerequisites:

The DA 100 Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI was the former name of the PL-300 certification. As a participant in this data analyst training course, you will learn everything there is to know about deriving actionable insights by leveraging data sets and building models with Power BI tools. Like every other professional certification, there are a few prerequisites that you must meet before appearing for the exam. These prerequisites are skills and knowledge background that candidates must possess for higher chances of excelling at the exam.

  • PL-300 aspirants looking to become Power BI data analysts must have a minimum work experience of 1-2 years with Windows and related solutions.
  • If you are new to Azure and the cloud, you must have earned the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification first.
  • If you are new to data solution management, you must have earned the DP-900: Data Fundamentals certification.
  • If you want to advance your skills with Power Platform, experts recommend (but it is not a mandate) that you should earn the PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification or complete a training course.

Candidates who can Take up the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Training Course:

The PL-300 training course requires a knowledge background and skill set to help grasp concepts better. Therefore, it is more beneficial if you have experience in fields like:

  • Business intelligence
  • IT management
  • Data analysis
  • Data science and all its related domains
  • Data management for strategic decision-making

You are also suitable for this Power BI course if you want to understand Power BI tools better or if you are preparing for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst examination.

PL-300 Training Course Learning Objectives:

Once you have completed this training course, you can take on several tasks and roles of a Microsoft Power BI professional. You will be able to:

  • Ingest, clean, and transform data
  • Model data for scalability and performance
  • Design and create data analysis reports
  • Apply and perform advanced reporting analytics
  • Manage and share report assets
  • Create paginated Power BI reports

PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Exam Format:

On clearing the PL-300 qualifying exam, you receive the Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate certification. You have 180 minutes or 3 hours to write the exam. During this time, you must answer 40 to 60 questions in multiple-choice and multiple-response formats.

You also need to pay an exam fee of USD 165 before you can sit for the exam. However, this is a small investment compared to the salary packages that certified Data Analysts get from global enterprises. You can write the exam in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

Take the first step towards your new career and enroll in a training course today.

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