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7 Best Microsoft Azure certification for Cloud Professionals

  • By Deepika
  • 25-Jul-2022


Getting certified can put you in a demanding position among employers. Especially when you are certified with a Microsoft Azure certification, your exposure is enormous. Cloud computing is a technology that is here to stay. With every platform being digitized, this technology is growing faster than any other industry. As a result, almost every organization and business uses Cloud computing to store and access their information. That being said, which certification do you think would suit your career the best? Let us look deeper into the best Microsoft Azure certification for Cloud professionals.

List of the Best Microsoft Azure Certifications:

Microsoft Azure certifications get classified into four categories that are Fundamental-level, Associate-level, Expert-level, and Specialty certifications. Beginners in the field can choose the fundamental certifications, and experienced professionals can choose higher certifications depending on their skills, experience, and job roles. In addition, aspiring developers, system admins, Security engineers, and DevOps engineers can aim to get these certifications for better career growth:

1.     AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

It is a beginner or entry-level certification for individuals without knowledge about Microsoft Azure services. Upon completing this certification, you will have a basic understanding of Cloud concepts, Azure Services, security, price calculation, etc. The exam comprises 40-60 questions to be completed in 85 minutes. People who want to start their career in Cloud computing can take up this course.

2.     AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

It is a fundamental certification covering the basics of AI concepts and their impact on Azure Cloud. Individuals with a passion for artificial intelligence and Machine learning combined can take this course. The exam has to be completed within 120 minutes. One can learn to design AI-driven solutions on completion of this certification.

3.     DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

It is another beginner certification for learning database management and data analytics. Data programmers and Database administrators who want to get certified can choose DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals certification. The exam will test you on relational and non-relational data concepts, along with transactional and analytical data workloads. The exam comprises 40-60 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. Though not mandatory, this beginner certification can help you clear the Azure Database Administrator Associate and the Azure Data Engineer Associate certifications.

4.     AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

It is an intermediate-level certification with knowledge of the PowerShell command line and OS. AZ 104 will train you on the storage, security, and networking concepts of Cloud services. System administrators prefer this certification as it has deeper coverage of the IT lifecycle, infrastructure services, and applications. The exam comprises 40-60 questions that have to be completed within 120 minutes.

5.     AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

The certification requires at least a year’s experience developing Azure Cloud solutions. AZ 204 certification covers topics on how to design, build and develop solutions for enterprises. The exam comprises 40-60 questions that have to be completed within 120 minutes. In addition, one has to score 700 or more out of 1000 questions with case studies, programming codes, and true or false answers. Software developers who complete this certification have great demand in the IT industry.

6.     AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

If Cloud computing concepts specific to security solutions are your style, then AZ 500 is the proper certification. Once completed, you can implement security solutions, protect applications from threats, and maintain security vulnerabilities. Additionally, IT security professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills in implementing security on Azure Cloud infrastructure can opt for this Microsoft Azure certification. The exam comprises 40-60 questions that have to be completed within 120 minutes.

7.     AI-102 Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate

Upon completing this certification, you can build artificial intelligence solutions using Microsoft Azure. In addition, you can design and implement AI solutions using machine learning and NLP tools. To successfully pass the AI 102 certification, you should be able to build, manage and deploy AI solutions. They leverage Azure applied services and Azure cognitive services by using concepts for the definition, design, development, deployment, performance tuning, maintenance, and monitoring of AI solutions. The exam has 40-60 questions to be completed within 130 minutes. In addition, one must score 700 or more out of 1000 to meet the certification.


Microsoft Azure certifications are most sought after by professionals and aspiring IT professionals for a better and brighter career. Microsoft Azure services continue to dominate most of the Cloud computing market, which is why getting certified from them becomes the wisest choice for your IT profession. Additionally, the massive increase in SaaS companies and the fantastic benefits of using Cloud services in the day-to-day activities of businesses have made this a profitable career choice. So, why wait? Choose a certification from Microsoft Azure and get a guaranteed ticket to a promising career path.

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