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Which machine learning certification is best for your team- AWS, Google or Microsoft?

  • By Deepika
  • 17-Jan-2022

Machine learning and AI have taken the IT world by storm. From being the next big thing to being integral to the digital transformation of industries and society, machine learning and AI continue to be one of the most important fields of our age. Hence, having a team of professionals with a machine learning certification can help your company deliver the right solutions and services to even the most demanding of clients.

The question is – which machine learning certification should your team go for? AWS, Google, Microsoft…the options are many.

This blog will look at the various Machine Learning certifications offered by various cloud service providers. You may also determine which Machine Learning Certification is best for your team.

Before we go into the MLC- Machine Learning Certifications, let us look at what Machine Learning is all about.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning

We all know how huge and promising the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry is. As per verified market research, the artificial industry stood at $50 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow at a whopping CAGR of 36.1% to reach $641 billion by 2028! The demand for AI and ML-related skillsets is also pegged to grow at 71% in the same period.

With new applications for AI and ML emerging almost every day, it’s vital for your organisation and its teams to be well-versed and professionally adept in the technology. Whether it’s behaviour-predictive analytics in networking, modern cybersecurity software or developing new AI-based applications, ML is everywhere. Hence, ensuring that your team has the right set of machine learning certifications will pay off in the long run.

There are numerous machine learning certifications available, with the cloud service provider being one of the most popular. In 2021, the best Machine Learning Certification’s cloud service providers are listed below.

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft

Best Machine Learning Certification in the Cloud

Before we look at the certifications offered by these cloud service providers, we will look at the differences between their cloud machine learning services so you can figure out which machine learning certifications you need to master.

A side-by-side comparison of functionality

These three platforms are the most popular cloud service providers, and they also offer machine learning as a cloud service. The distinction we see in this service is combined to create a product using the machine learning pipeline.

Certifications in Machine Learning That Work

The top cloud machine learning service providers are Azure machine learning, Google Cloud AI, and Amazon machine learning services. These services enable rapid model deployment and training. All of these service providers are working on cutting-edge ML projects. You may start creating your models within a small team using machine learning certifications, giving important insights from the forecasts.

  • AWS Machine Learning

The AWS certification in Machine Learning is a Specialty course that helps teams build expertise in building, training, tuning, and deploying machine learning models on AWS. As certified AWS Machine Learning Specialty professionals, your team members bring exceptional proficiency in implementing cloud initiatives to the table.  Here’s a quick glance at the course’s flow necessary to achieve this certification:


To achieve this certification, AWS recommended that you have more than one year of machine learning expertise and pass the MLS-C01 exam. They also give you a machine learning exam guide for the certification.

  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Azure data science associate is a certification in machine learning offered by Microsoft Azure. Before getting this certification, they recommend that you have a different certification name, such as building and executing a data science solution on Azure. It is the simpler or low-level form of data science.


The following are the skills that are assessed in this certification:

  • Creating a machine learning workspace
  • Models for running experiments and training
  • Model optimization and management
  • Model deployment and consumption


  • Google Cloud Machine Learning

Machine learning engineer is a Google Cloud certification in machine learning. According to Google Cloud, certified professions can help design, create, and generate machine learning models to tackle various business difficulties using Google Cloud air technology and all models’ information.


The machine learning engineer test will assist you in evaluating the following abilities:

  • Create a framework for machine learning challenges.
  • Solutions for machine learning architecture
  • Data preparation and processing
  • Modelling using machine learning
  • Machine learning pipelines may be automated and orchestrated.
  • Machine learning solutions are monitored, optimized, and maintained.

Fees for ML certification registration

  • AWS Machine learning certification– Specialty: $300
  • Microsoft certified Azure data science associate: $165
  • Google machine learning engineer: $200



We may determine that choosing the right machine learning certification depends on the overall expertise and experience level of the team as well as the skills it desires to pick up. If your team has individuals who are new to machine learning, it is recommended that you seek a Microsoft Azure certificate in the machine learning field.

Suppose your team has individuals with at least one year of experience. In that case, it is always recommended to pursue certification in either AWS or Google Cloud.

Google has recently emerged as the firm with the most advanced machine learning technology and is presently gaining market share. So, suppose your team has a background in machine learning or coding. In that case, it is always recommended that you pursue the cloud AI certification in machine learning, a professional machine learning engineer, as it is appropriate for learning new technology and budget.

We can infer that Google Cloud provides the most extensively used certification in the machine learning field, followed by Microsoft certification and AWS. If you are looking to up your professional team’s AI expertise, then enrol in RPS Consulting’s state-of-the-art courses in machine learning and beyond. We are an authorized training partner of Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS! Explore our on-demand training courses with the latest, OEM-certified modules, exam preparatory classes, certified instructors and hands-on lab training.

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