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Dynamic 365 to align sales and marketing

Dynamic 365 Training And Certification – Your Way To Align Sales And Marketing Teams

  • By Deepika
  • 1-Mar-2021

We all work in a disrupted environment these days – a price to pay to survive the pandemic. Sadly, this has widened the already existing gap between the marketing and sales teams of most organizations. Did you know the organizations that eliminate this gap have the potential to generate $100 million more income each year! That’s one reason why most forward-thinking companies are adopting Dynamic 365 solutions and empowering their teams with Dynamic 365 training and Certification.

Let’s dig deeper and find out how Dynamic 365 helps in sales and marketing alignment as well as how dynamic 365 helps in improving operational efficiency. In this article, we will also throw some insights into how to equip your team with the right Dynamic 365 fundamentals training.

How Dynamic 365 Solutions Help Align The Goals Of Your Sales And Marketing Team

 Connecting the dots between your marketing and sales team and aligning their goals are vital to the success of any business. Studies suggest that organizations with aligned sales and marketing teams see a 20 percent increase in yearly revenue. According to a Harvard Business Review study, a company that invested in sales and marketing automation witnessed:

  • 33% sales increase
  • 31% increase in productivity
  • 40% attrition drop

In order to align the marketing and sales goals, what you need is an intuitive technology like the Dynamics 365 solution that offers access to data and insights to every member of the various departments.

 How Exactly Dynamics 365 Solutions Help You Achieve This?

 Unified View Of Customers: The platform offers a holistic view of your potential as well as existing customer’s journey. This insight helps your team deliver experiences that are unique and personalized to individual customers.

Shared Goals: The system can bring your sales and marketing team to the basics of growth – shared goals – so that they can work together more effectively.

Unlock the intelligence: Dynamics 365 solutions are all about processing your existing content and data in order to offer your sales and marketing teams the much- needed intelligence and insights. This will help your team take better decisions at a faster pace. 

For instance, your marketing team can easily understand the importance of sending sales emails to a potential customer soon after s/he visits a specific web page. The platform can offer crucial and actionable insights that your team can easily convert into sales and leads. 

How Dynamic 365 Helps In Operational Efficiency 

When your marketing and sales team work hand-in-hand chasing a common goal, it becomes easier to track results and implement changes to processes quickly and effectively. This becomes possible as standardization of processes happen and the rules are followed by everyone in the organization.

As processes and data are digitally aligned across departments, you can’t duplicate processes. For instance, predefined email templates can be used to contact a customer saving a lot of time. A solution like Dynamic 365 will let you filter contacts based on behavior or attributes.

The individually customizable dashboards and inbuilt Power BI insights help your team track marketing activities and campaign performance easily and transparently. In short, digital transformations can bridge the communication between departments and bring standardization to processes and other operational activities. The automation and standardization can effectively saves time by eliminating duplication of tasks.

The Importance Of Dynamic 365 Fundamentals Training

To make the most of your Dynamic 365 solutions, you need to equip your team with the required know-how. You could do this by getting them the Dynamic 365 Fundamentals training and certification.

The good news is that you could get your team the sought-after Dynamic 365 training and certification without affecting your workflow. There are many institutes with experienced trainers that offer these certification courses online. All you need to do is encourage your employees to take Dynamic 365 online training.


By offering your employees access to new and growing technologies, you are creating a productive workforce as well as an organization with a futuristic outlook. Let’s take a step towards digital transformation by adopting Dynamic 365 solutions and facilitating training and certification programs.

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