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Ways Power BI Premium Can Help Enterprise Markets

  • By rpsadmin
  • 7-Dec-2020

For enterprise markets, the evolution of Power BI Premium is the biggest thing on the horizon. Those who have been lucky to preview the platform have already been able to assess how Power BI Premium and Power BI online training DA-100 will help them. For everyone else, here’s what you can look forward to and how the relevant Microsoft certification courses can help you.

Premium per user licenses to address specific business scenarios

With Power Bi Premium companies can license premium features on a per-user basis. This can prove extremely advantageous for companies on a tight budget. Premium per user includes all the pro license capabilities such as AI capabilities, paginated reports, etc. and hence can be used by groups and departments to address business scenarios.

For example, let’s say a finance department needs to analyze large datasets and thus require an isolated capacity to manage their workload. In such cases, using Power BI Premium can offer dedicated cloud resources to improve performance.

The per-user licenses also make Power BI Premium more accessible to businesses that could otherwise not justify investing in the full premium capacity. Also, note that Power BI Premium has a capacity-based license and a mentioned above offers per-user licenses. Thus, it offers a much greater scale and allows users to automatically increase the capacity to keep up with their growth.

Enhanced Performance

Power BI Premium can prove very beneficial in improving performances as long as your employees have completed relevant Microsoft certification courses. It offers advanced AI and pixel-perfect paginated reporting capabilities amongst other features.

The evolution of Power Bi Premium leverages a pool of V cores to allocate as many V-cores such as memory as needed for an operation. With Autoscale, the new Power Bi Premium platform automatically adds 1 v-core at a time for a 24 hour period whenever the load exceeds capacity limits and charges it to the Azure subscription on a pay-as-you-go basis.

This prevents slowdowns triggered by overloads and reduces the times taken to process queries and can help boost analytics operations for any Power BI operations by as much as 16X. When the system detects idle time, the additional V-cores are automatically removed.

It’s also interesting to note that it is designed such that operations always run at top speed and are not slowed down by heavy load capacities.

Faster Background Processes

The new Power BI Premium platform has fewer memory restrictions and no limits as to refresh concurrency. Thus, background operations such as automated report screenshots can be processed faster. Without any concurrency limitations, there is minimized potential for overlaps and your team will not have to track refresh schedule spacing. The evolved premium platform also removes cumulative memory limitations.

Team members with Power BI online training DA-100 will thus be able to completely separate scheduled refreshes and report interactions for smoother functioning.

Reimagined Metrics

Power BI Premium offers built-in reporting to make metrics such as budget planning, utilization analysis, chargebacks, the need for upgrades, etc. clearly visible by measuring CPU utilization. The reimagined metrics have clear and normalized capacity utilization data that is easy to understand.

This is no longer dependent on the level of load or load size but instead is dependent only on the analytics operations performed. Monthly reports of these metrics help enterprise markets recognize cost drivers, budget needs, trends, etc. and get alerts when utilization crosses thresholds.

Reduced Management Overheads

Reducing overheads is a constant challenge for all enterprise markets and the new Power BI Premium makes it easier to cut down costs consistently without affecting productivity. Proactive and configurable admin notifications combined with Autoscale and per-user licenses help expand and contract the system to keep up with processing needs.

For instance, capacity could be increased during the festive season when processing needs are higher. Instead of having to pay for the entire package, managers can now adopt a pay-as-you-go model to ensure their expenses stay attuned to their budgets.

Training And Certification For Power BI Premium

Power Bi is easy to integrate into any existing system but to use the platform to its full potential, a little training goes a long way. The good news is that Power BI online training DA-100 is flexible and can be designed to complement your schedule. You get to learn as you go and benefit from practical hands-on experience.

The training also plays a key role in preparing candidates for certification exams. This validates the knowledge and skills acquired and are beneficial for IT professionals on your team as well as the company as a unit. So, are you ready to start looking for the perfect Microsoft certification courses?

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