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AZ-303 & AZ-304: Complete Guide on Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification

  • By Deepika
  • 15-Feb-2022

Introduction to Azure

The advent and impact of cloud computing is known to all now. And though most are aware of its existence, few know the applications and interactions with the infrastructure behind the scenes and screens. Cloud-based systems need monitoring, execution, and handling like no other technology. One of the most advanced forms of software for cloud computing is Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service built for managing, deploying, building, testing services and applications. It’s the fastest-growing cloud service provider in the market right now. It provides Software as a Service-SaaS, Infrastructure as a service-IaaS, and a Platform as a Service-PaaS. Quite a few programming languages, tools, and frameworks are supported by it. These tools are either third-party or Microsoft’s own software systems.

Why is Azure training needed?

A few of the challenges as an Azure solutions architect are delivering predictable outcomes via automation, keeping flexibility for varying traffic, security of data, and it’s foolproof and failure-proof. All this is easily handled by a trained and certified expert of the subject matter. With more understanding of the roles IT professionals need to play with Azure and its applications, Microsoft has renewed its certifications and has created several Azure certifications.

With Azure training, you make yourself eligible for better career opportunities in the IT industry. This is especially so since most MNCs and businesses nowadays are on the lookout for certified professionals who can handle cloud-based operations from end to end. With your skills, you could be instrumental in the acceleration of product delivery in the modern times of the cloud.

What’s new in Azure certification?

An expert Azure solutions architect is capable of creating and executing cloud-based systems and programs – from inception to end. The new certification of AZ 305 combines the old AZ 303 and AZ 304 and makes you capable of doing it all. Once you’re certified in the foundation, the associate levels, you’re halfway to becoming an expert already. If you’re not certified at the associate level by April of this year, you would have to take the exam of AZ 305, which is a prerequisite to the expert certification. It ensures your experience prior to getting enrolled for expert levels. It makes sure that you are able to design cloud and hybrid solutions, including but not limited to the computation, networking, security, storing, and monitoring aspects.

You will also be required to possess the Administrator associate levels of certification to be able to prove your capabilities in monitoring, implementing, and managing Azure solutions. To reiterate, these prerequisites ensure that the certified expert is able to create and execute solutions from start to finish, end to end.

With the clubbing of AZ 303 and AZ 304 into AZ 305, the ways to becoming an Azure Solutions Architect Expert are three. You could either pass both exams for AZ 303 and AZ 304 prior to March 31st, 2022, or you have to have passed the AZ 304 or the AZ 303 as well as the AZ 305. Depending on your current level of certification and the timelines best suited, you can decide on the same


The test and the testing

The exams are conducted bi-weekly at authorized Microsoft centers in the presence of officials from Microsoft. The total marks are a thousand, and the pass mark is seven hundred. Any score below seven-hundred is deemed a failure, though that does not imply one has to worry. The test can be taken again after a cooling period ranging between one day and several weeks.

Why get an AZ 303, AZ 304, and consequently an Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification?

With the exponential growth in the cloud industry, demand is increasing rapidly for Azure Cloud Architects. According to Glassdoor, among other sources, Azure Architects in India can earn up to 18 lakhs of Rupees per annum. Linkedin lists more than fifteen thousand Azure Architect jobs in the US alone, and they come at a remuneration of $152,094 per annum. Even in the UK, Azure Cloud Architects earn average salaries of £78,667 per year.


If you are still deciding whether or not you should enroll for any of the courses (AZ 303, AZ 304, AZ 305) that put you on the path to an expert certification, looking up courses online will be a good idea. A few good searches will have given you insights into the job market, the course itself, and any other fields untouched by this post. RPS Consulting offers instructor-led Azure courses combined with interactive sessions, official training content, etc. Completing these courses will land you an industry-recognized certificate. It does go without saying that having hands-on experience with Azure and its various applications by taking mock exams will help gain a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect certification.

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