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14 Most Valuable IT Certifications For Better Career Prospects

  • By rpsadmin
  • 31-Aug-2020

Everything around us is evolving faster and so is technology. As an IT professional, you should be quick to adapt to keep up with the pace and requirements of a transforming industry. Now the question is how to keep yourself always ready for such a fast-paced industry?

Well, whether you’re an architect, developer, or system analyst, getting certified in relevant software is the ideal way to do this. Every certification exam you clear adds value to your resume. It validates your knowledge and makes you eligible for promotions and better salaries. What more do you need to add more relevant certifications to your resume? Here are the 14 most valuable certification courses you should consider pursuing.

  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Completing this azure certification course in Microsoft’s cloud computing platform will validate your theoretical and practical knowledge of cloud infrastructure and development, Microsoft azure infrastructure and networking, application storage & data access, securing resources and more. You will learn solution design skills and be able to identify tradeoffs and make decisions about how to design public and hybrid cloud solutions.

Ideal for: developers, system analysts, QA testers and business analysts

This certification is designed to help system administrators deploy and manage a virtual environment. Explore the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to manage virtual desktops and servers in the enterprise. With this certification you will be able to create, deploy, migrate, manage and import/export Linux and Microsoft® Windows® virtual machines hosted on either RHEV Hypervisor or Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers dedicated nodes using RHEV Manager.

Ideal for: cloud architects, cloud administrators, DevOps professionals

This certification is all about validating your ability to set up scalable security configurations and optimizing app management by building and combining Workspace Environment Management and App Layers. You will learn how to implement advanced administration concepts, improve end user environment by configuring Workspace Environment Management and apply App Layering skills.

Ideal for: administrators and engineers

If you’re looking at building a strong foundation in Google Cloud services, this is the ideal certification course for you. It gives you an overview of the different products and services available. You will learn how to interact with these products and services, incorporate cloud-based solutions into business strategies, use the platform’s storage options, manage cloud resources through templates and more. You can then go on to further certification courses to build more specialized skill sets.

Ideal for: developers, system analysts, QA testers and business analysts

This certification introduces you to the different SaaS services provided by Azure, gives you the ability to manage identities and security within the Azure context and teaches you how to integrate the SaaS services into existing solutions. It validates your ability to design for identity and security, for deployment, integration and migration as well as tests your control over skills needed to design data platform solutions and infrastructure strategies.

Ideal for: solution architects

This is a certification that teaches and tests your knowledge on AWS architectural principles. Adding it to your resume validates your ability to make decisions based on AWS practices and architectural principles, improve efficiency of AWS-based infrastructure and  use AWS solutions to improve site architecture. You will also learn how to leverage AWS services and AWS managed services to make infrastructure more reliable, flexible and scalable.

Ideal for: data architects and solution architects

This certification gives you a strong foundation in understanding and using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as well as the factors contributing to their successful deployment. You will learn and be tested on your knowledge of delivering and deploying apps, setting up profile management, configuring security features and using Citrix Director to troubleshoot. The certification proves your ability to install, configure and manage such environments.

Ideal for: administrators, architects and engineers

If you’re looking at entering the IT industry, this certification is a must-have. If gives you a thorough understanding of the VMware virtual machine features and VMware virtualization concepts of the VMware vSphere® 6.0 and thus enables you work on VMware virtual machines. It lays the foundation for other specialization courses and certifications for pre-sales technical roles, sales roles or fully technical roles.

Ideal for: anyone in the IT sector

As the name suggests, this certification covers the basics of AWS cloud services. It helps you build a foundation of the AWS cloud and its global infrastructure, its architectural principles, basic security and compliance aspects and the characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud.

Ideal for: business analysts and project managers

This Azure certification validates your grasp over the concepts and skills needed to design Azure AI solutions by using artificial intelligence on the Microsoft Azure platform along with pre-built AI functionality within the Azure Cognitive Services. You will learn how to analyze requirements, create solutions, incorporate AI models as well as deploy and manage the designs.

Ideal for: solution architects, Azure developers, and AI developers

  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

This certification by ISACA targets IT professionals involved in designing, maintaining, monitoring and implementing security controls. It proves your ability your ability to identify IT risks, assess the same and respond to these risks. It also covers risk and control monitoring and reporting.

Ideal for: IT professionals, risk professionals, control professionals, business analysts, project managers and compliance professionals

This certification validates your knowledge and control over skills needed to design, develop, and manage business solutions with Google Cloud technologies. It covers planning, designing, provisioning, managing and implementing cloud architecture across the enterprise and tests your ability to assess and optimize business processes keeping in mind the security and compliance parameters. Note that this certification is valid for 2 years and needs to be renewed to maintain its status.

Ideal for: cloud architects and cloud administrators

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

This certification by the Project Management Institute targets advanced project management professionals. It validates your knowledge on project management fundamentals as well as the 5 main stages of project life cycle. With it on your resume, you’re chances of fitting into roles for project management are greatly increased.

Ideal for project managers

This certification tests your ability to manage and implement Citrix ACD. IT covers load balancing, traffic management, SSL offloading, content switching and managing remote desktop, applications and data access with Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC.

Ideal for: network and systems administrators

Now is the time to take a decision, choose a course and pursue on to make sure that you are job-ready. Times are uncertain, however, the right certification can improve your chances. Go for it today.

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