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Why Migrate to Cloud – How Enterprises & Professionals Can Benefit?

  • By rpsadmin
  • 14-Sep-2020

The global public cloud computing market is set to hit $330 billion by the end of 2020. It is significant considering the market size was only $2.2 million in the year 2018. Enterprises that are spending more on cloud infrastructure are headhunting for professionals with Azure Certification or looking forward to enhancing their existing talent pool’s skill set with Google Cloud Certification Training or AWS Certification Training.  Don’t take our word for it; check out the list of countries with enterprises spending most on cloud-based tech in 2019:

  • The United States Of America: $124.6 billion
  • China: $10.5 billion
  • The United Kingdome: $10 billion
  • Germany: $9.5 billion
  • Japan: $7.4 billion

3 Reasons Why Enterprises Are Migrating To Cloud

Now the question is why more and more organizations are setting up cloud-based solutions or going hybrid? The answer is simple, data is one of the most prized assets in the world we live in and they have to protect it at any cost. To be honest, an enterprises’ reputation depends on how well they protect their data.

Organizations are migrating to the cloud and looking for resources that have Azure Certification or people who have attended Google Cloud Certification Training or AWS Certification Training.  Switching to cloud-based tech is important and equally important it is to have resources that can design, deploy and manage the solution. Here are the top 3 reasons why enterprises go cloud:

  • Security

Data is one of the most prized assets and fraudsters and hackers are after it. According to Risk Based Security study, there are around 4.1 billion compromised records in 2019. And there have been as many as 300 data breaches that involved the theft of 100,000 or more data files and records over the past 10 years.  It, indeed, is enough reason to go cloud and hire skilled resources to run it.

  • Compliance Needs

Compliance with data security policies like the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or any local law is important and the cloud is the best bet when it comes to ensuring compliance. 

  • Scalability

To deal with unexpected growth, if companies are following the traditional storage methods, they need to buy more on-premise storage options which slow down the operational process. The only option enterprises are left with is switch to the cloud. When the cloud is involved, hiring more qualified professionals is in order. It is good news for talents with the right certification and training. 

4 Reasons To Pursue Cloud As A Professional

The below listed are the reasons you must focus on getting yourself a relevant cloud certification or adding a new one to your resume if you already have one: 

  • Lack Of Talent

The answer is obvious, as more and more organizations are moving to cloud there is a huge demand for cloud-based professionals across the globe. It is estimated that there are around 25,000 vacant positions in the USA alone for professionals with AWS Training and Certifications. Companies across the globe are also finding it difficult to fill positions for resources with Microsoft Azure Certification. A certification in Azure Infrastructure Solutions would be your way to tap that opportunity.

  • Improved Earning Potential

Consider the below-average salary of professionals with various certifications:

The package is promising, isn’t it? And remember, recruiters are still struggling to fill the vacant position as there is a dearth of quality talent.

  • Better Chances Of Getting Shortlisted 

Getting a job is a big deal. However, getting shortlisted can be a different game altogether. It is no secret that companies and recruiters prefer candidates who have Azure Certification and attended AWS Training or Google Cloud Certification Training. Having a certification can get you noticed and shortlisted easily as it proves your credibility and skill. Once you get into the list, you know the drill.

  • Secure Jobs

The very fact that companies are finding it tough to fill in positions with the right candidate says a lot about job security. Since there is a lack of relevant talent pool, if you have the right certification and skills, your hire-worth and job security will only increase. So it is safe to get a cloud certification and increase your hire-worth and job security in a competitive job market.


Cloud is the future. Enterprises are hungry for more as the solution is flexible enough to ensure smooth operations and accommodate growth. Why not equip yourself with a relevant cloud certification and give your future the much-needed boost today?

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