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What are the best 5 GCP certifications for your team in 2022?

  • By Deepika
  • 7-Jan-2022

The year 2022 is almost upon us! Why not pursue new career certificates when we can learn new IT skills as our New Year’s resolutions or probably, more? In today’s fast pace working environment, the skills of a professional speak volumes about his field knowledge.

Cloud computing is the fastest-growing technological sphere at the moment and is set to have a phenomenal rise in 2022. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is among the world’s top three cloud service providers with a share of 8.5%.

Having Google Cloud Program Certificates will help your team stay competitive in today’s job market, where there is a constant need for upskilling. Indeed, it is true that teamwork in unity always pays off well enough to sustain even more in the competitive market. With so many training options available, it cannot be easy to find one Cloud Program Certificates that meets the needs of your team members while improving their overall career.

Rest assured, we have compiled a list of the best five Google Cloud Program Certificates to help you and your teammates succeed even more next year! What’s more, you will probably get used to GCP skills and be on another quest for an IT course.

About Google Cloud

After Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, Google Cloud was launched in 2008 as the third most popular cloud. Various big-name companies, such as Twitter, Twitch, Linkedin, Facebook, etc., use cloud computing to operate and manage their businesses. To use the company’s services effectively, Google cloud has introduced many certification courses, teaching you how to handle those services.

This blog is a guide to the best five Google Cloud Program certifications and what your team will learn in each program to decide which one is the best for them.

Best Five GCP Certifications for 2022

The five most popular Google Cloud Programs can be certified in 2022, listed below. Because there are fewer Google Cloud experts than there are jobs available and that demand outstrips supply, even obtaining just one certification from this list can increase the chances of your team members landing a job where Google Cloud Program experience and skill are required.

  • Google Cloud Associate Engineer

In this course, the workers will learn how to deploy applications, monitor operations and manage solutions for enterprises. They will also get their hands-on solutions’ configurations and perform many other tasks using the Google cloud console and the command-line interface in this course. In short, this course will assist your team members in developing those abilities for maximum business profitability.

  • Professional Data Engineer Exam

The title speaks for itself, and the certificate holder will work with data in various capacities, including collecting, processing, securing, and monitoring data systems. Upon completion of this course, the employees will understand how to develop machine learning models to harness the power of data. This course will be extremely beneficial to your team of professionals on their journey.

  • Cloud Architect Certification- Google Cloud Professional

Your team can use the Google cloud program— GCP’s capabilities by obtaining this certification. The workers will learn how to design and develop a solution for enterprises and manage the implementation of cloud-based solutions. This course is a complete package that will assist your team in developing the skills necessary to earn this certificate.

  • Cloud Developer Exam- Google Cloud Professional

Once your team member has this certificate upon course completion, he will learn to build highly scalable applications using Google-recommended practices and tools. In addition to these, the team member will get familiar with the most recent database technology and developer tools, among other things. These are the skills your team will learn to deliver for your or any company in this course.

  • Cloud Network Engineer Certification- Google Cloud Professional

With this certificate, your team will manage and implement network architect solutions in Google Cloud Program (GCP), such as virtual private cloud VPC. If you want your IT professionals to have those abilities, enroll them in this program. They can learn about being a Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer while delivering the best performance and bringing profits to your business.

Which course is best for your team?

That concludes our list of the top five Google Cloud Program certifications to pursue in 2022. The computing future appears to be cloud-based. Therefore, Google certification is regarded as among the best in terms of the skills and content your team members will possess after earning and completing their certification.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog this far! Please share these top five certifications with your colleagues and friends if you find them useful. You can also avail all the listed courses from a single e-learning provider like RPS Consulting. We are a Google Cloud authorized training partner and specialize in up-to-date certification courses with on-demand classes, certified instructors and hands-on labs. Enroll today!

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