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Veritas NetBackup 8.0: Maintainance and Troubleshooting

The NetBackup 8.0: Maintenance and Troubleshooting course provides the IT professional with instruction on troubleshooting Veritas NetBackup software. This course covers general error detection tools and troubleshooting methodologies. Students practice solving problems related to the NetBackup database, devices, media, disk, deduplication, and networking. In addition, students study the functions of key NetBackup processes and how to enable, view, and manage the associated logs.


Troubleshooting Methods and Tools

• Troubleshooting situations and methodology

• Gathering symptoms and information

• Additional troubleshooting resources

NetBackup Process Flow

• Core process functions overview

• Backup process flow

• Tape restore process flow

• Disk restore process flow

• Viewing process flow information

Troubleshooting Communication Issues

• Understanding NetBackup communication

• Configuring NetBackup and network communication

• Troubleshooting network and NetBackup communication


• Common NetBackup communication issues

Troubleshooting Tape Devices and Media

• NetBackup device troubleshooting

• Common NetBackup device issues

• Media and device selection

• Media-related status codes

• Troubleshooting frozen and suspended media

Troubleshooting Disk Backups Resources

• Overview of disk-based backups

• Maintaining and Troubleshooting Basic Disk

• Maintaining and Troubleshooting Advanced Disk

• Maintaining and Troubleshooting OpenStorage

Troubleshooting NetBackup Deduplication

• Understanding NetBackup deduplication and

deduplication process flow

• Maintaining and troubleshooting NetBackup


• Protecting from MSDP server failure

Additional Backup and Restore Troubleshooting

• Troubleshooting file system backups

• Troubleshooting snapshot-based backups

• Troubleshooting VMware backups

• Troubleshooting Hyper-V backups

• Troubleshooting restores

Troubleshooting Storage Lifecycle Policies

• Understanding Storage Lifecycle Policies

• Troubleshooting Storage Lifecycle Policies

• Troubleshooting data classification

• Understanding Auto Image Replication

• Troubleshooting Auto Image Replication

Debug Logging

• Preparing to gather debug logs

• Enabling debug logs

• Performing log management

• Capturing debug logs

Introduction to Log Analysis

• Preparing for debug log analysis

• Viewing debug logs

• Analyzing debug logs for a successful backup job

• Analyzing debug logs for a failed backup job

Understanding the NetBackup Catalog

• The NetBackup catalog

• The NetBackup relational databases (NBDB)

• Catalog backup and recovery

• Maintaining the NBDB


  • Duration : 4 Days
  • Certified by: Veritas

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