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DP 100: How to Design and Implement Data Science Solution on Azure?

  • By Deepika
  • 19-May-2022

The digitization of the business world has evolved exponentially, especially in the past two years. The domains leading the way today are data science, ML-Ops, machine learning, and data engineering, all advancing with purpose and velocity. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft significantly influence each of these technologies’ innovation and growth trajectory. Earning professional certification from any of these institutions/companies will help you specialize in their data science solutions and give you a future-proof skill to demonstrate.

From a professional point of view, these large organizations have all the tech infrastructure enterprises require in one place, available both on-demand and on the cloud. With the current tech trajectory, many businesses are making the shift towards cloud and data science adoption. The global pandemic and need for remote access have only accelerated this growth.

Today, Microsoft Azure is the world’s fastest-growing cloud platform and the second-largest platform worldwide based on its consumer base. With that in mind, the DP-100 certification is a great way to take your career forward with data analytics training.

DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure:

 About 80% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies today use Microsoft Azure as their cloud platform of choice to deliver solutions and services to consumers worldwide. Designing data solutions and implementing them using Azure are critical skills for today’s professionals working in the data science domain. With most solutions and offerings shifting to the cloud, data science professionals must have an in-depth understanding of Azure and design and implement data solutions.

Prerequisites for the DP-100 Exam:

  • A candidate looking to pursue the DP-100 certification and specialize in Microsoft Azure must have a foundational knowledge of Azure.
  • You also must know how to write code using programming languages like Python and interact with data using multiple libraries.

You need basic data science skills, including preparing data and training ML models through ML libraries.

Who Can Take Up DP-100 Course:

 Data science is a highly beneficial skill among the most in-demand professions in the world. Professionals who will benefit the most from Azure DP-100 training are:

  • Machine Learning professionals
  • Data scientists
  • Professionals creating data solutions for Azure
  • Data analysts

Skills Measured in the DP-100 Certification Exam:

Microsoft’s Designing and Implementing Data Science Solutions course measures several skills in its qualifying certification exam. It is possible to break down into four critical modules with a specific weightage each in the exam, which are:

  • Setting up a Machine Learning Azure workspace (30-35%)
  • Running experiments and training models (25-30%)
  • Optimising and managing models (20-25%)
  • Deploying and consuming models (20-25%)

Preparing for the DP-100 Exam:

  1. Here’s what you need to know about the DP-100 exam. The qualifying certification exam has about 60 to 80 multiple-choice questions. You get 180 minutes or 3 hours to complete this exam. The DP-100 is a proctored exam, so put sufficient time and effort before you finally go to write the exam.
  2. There are also two case study questions or lab-related questions. You cannot skip these questions, so make sure you are well-prepared for them.
  3. The exam pattern for the DP-100 exam changes once every six months. Make sure you continuously update yourself on the current exam pattern.
  4. The exam consists of two steps – the lab stage and theory. The theory part is quite extensive. You will need a minimum of two weeks to prepare and revise for this part. Microsoft provides the answers to all theory questions on its website. Detailed analysis and study of these documents can give you enough knowledge to clear the theory part of the exam.
  5. The Build and Operate Machine Learning solutions module contains the maximum questions.
  6. Labs are a critical part of the qualifying exam. While a practical lab exam is not directly asked in the exam, understanding these Azure-specific methods and classes will help you learn how to take on the other questions.
  7. Review the theory portion of the exam before you give the test.
  8. There won’t be any machine learning questions asked directly. For instance, you will face questions like ‘How will you log an R2 score for experiments?’ and not ‘What is an R2 score?’ So, your focus should remain on applying the concept and not the concept itself.

DP-100 Certification: Is it Worth It?

 You need to pay an INR 4,500 fee to sit for the certification exam. Most medium to large enterprises doesn’t ask for a formal certification as long as you have the Azure data science training. So, the big question is whether the certification exam is really worth it? The short answer is yes.

Getting a formal certification is the best way to validate your skills before your hiring manager and potential employer. It also says that you are serious about your career and have invested enough time and money into it. Take your career to the next level and start training for the DP 100 certification exam today.

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