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BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping 10.0: Administering

This course provides information on the key concepts and core functionality of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) version 10.0. The course reviews all improvements made to BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping, including Big Discovery “clustering” (which is the focus of this release), increased scale and performance, as well as compliance and security inclusions. Participants will receive pertinent information on architecture, functionalities, utilities, configurations, and troubleshooting tips for optimal deployment.

  • Objectives
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Syllabus

Identify the need for BMC Atrium Discovery

  • Describe the working of BMC Atrium Discovery
  • Describe the compliance support of BMC Atrium Discovery
  • Review the layout and utilities in the user interface
  • Access available dashboards and configure dashboards
  • Set up users and configure User Interface security
  • Describe a taxonomy and view standard patterns from the UI
  • Run a basic discovery scan and interpret the results
  • Explain different Discovery access types
  • Configure credentials for scans in BMC Atrium Discovery
  • Describe patterns
  • Explain the concept of first scan, second scan, and optimization in a discovery run
  • Monitor discovery runs
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot discovery issues
  • Execute basic and advanced query language queries
  • Create custom reports
  • Use search clauses in creating search queries
  • Run reports and view dependencies using visualizations
  • Create manual groups and working sets of hosts
  • Describe clustering and cluster management in BMC Atrium Discovery
  • Examine and modify an appliance baseline
  • Back up discovered data using snapshots and restore a backup
  • Consolidate discovered data from multiple appliances to a single appliance
  • Describe integration with BMC Atrium CMDB
  • Describe file system hierarchy in BMC Atrium Discovery
  • Explain how to gather information for appliance support
  • Technical members of the project team responsible for deploying BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • Configuration Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Familiarity with the Linux command line
  • Knowledge of simple regular expressions and scripting languages such as Perl, Python, or Bash

Course Modules

Module 1: BMC Atrium Discovery Overview

  • BMC Atrium Discovery Concepts
  • Compliance Support
  • UI Overview

Module 2: UI Analysis

  • Introduction to the UI
  • Searching the Database
  • UI Filtering and Charting
  • Contextual Analysis

Module 3: Dashboards Overview

  • Channels Overview
  • Dashboard Basics
  • Adding Channels
  • Working with Dashboards
  • Dashboards in the CLI

Module 4: User Administration and System

  • User Management
  • LDAP Integration
  • Security Policy
  • General Security Concepts at the CLI

Module 5: Taxonomy and Data Model

  • Taxonomy Basics
  • Understanding the Data Model
  • Viewing the Taxonomy
  • Taxonomy for Business Applications

Module 6: Scanning Basics

  • Basic Discovery Essentials
  • Discovery Results

Module 7: Discovery Credentials

  • The Credential Vault
  • BMC Atrium Discovery Credentials
  • Windows Credentials
  • UNIX Credentials
  • SNMP Credentials
  • vCenter and vSphere Credentials
  • Database Credential Groups
  • Credential Groups: Middleware and
  • Management Systems
  • Credential Ordering
  • Testing Credentials

Module 8: Discovery Scripts

  • Platforms
  • The Different Access Types: UNIX,
  • Windows, and SNMP
  • UNIX Discovery Scripts
  • Windows Discovery Scripts
  • VMware ESX Discovery Scripts

Module 9: Patterns Overview

  • Pattern Basics
  • Data Models
  • Pattern Configuration

Module 10: Discovery Overview

  • Basic Philosophy
  • First Scan Details
  • Second Scan Details
  • Optimization Details
  • Bringing It All Together

Module 11: Discovery Monitoring

  • Monitoring per Run
  • Monitoring per Credential or per Windows
  • Proxy
  • Monitoring by Current State

Module 12: Discovery Troubleshooting

  • Understanding the Discovery Access Page
  • Mapping Discovery Access Page to
  • Platform Pages
  • Scripts
  • Discovery Troubleshooting Reports

Module 13: Query Builder

  • Query Builder Basics
  • Query Builder Layout
  • Building a Query
  • Custom Reports

Module 14: Query Language Overview

  • Formulating Queries
  • SEARCH and WHERE Clauses
  • Matches in Regular Expressions
  • SHOW Clause
  • Advanced Query Language

Module 15: Host Grouping

  • Using Visualization Tools
  • Automatic Grouping
  • Managing Manual Groups
  • Host Profiles: Server Passports

Module 16: Clustering

  • Overview of Clustering
  • Configuring a Cluster
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Managing Machine Failures in a Cluster

Module 17: Appliance Baseline

  • Introduction to Appliance Baselines
  • Viewing Baseline Differences
  • Updating and Configuring Baselines

Module 18: Appliance Backup and Restore

  • Introduction to Appliance Backups
  • Creating Backups from the UI
  • Restoring the Appliance from a Backup

Module 19: Consolidation

  • Introduction to Consolidation
  • Consolidation Details

Module 20: BMC Atrium CMDB

  • CMDB Synchronization Overview
  • Setup Prerequisites
  • CMDB Synchronization Initiation
  • Multitenancy
  • CMDB Synchronization in a Cluster

Module 21: Using BMC Atrium Discovery CLI

  • CLI Overview
  • File System Details
  • Service Ordering and Syntax
  • Tideway Application Services
  • Command Line Utilities: Overview
  • BMC Atrium Discovery Scheduling Tasks

Module 22: Appliance Support

  • The Appliance Configuration Page
  • Appliance Control
  • Pattern Management Support

Appendix A: Disk Configuration


  • Duration : 5 Days
  • Certified by: BMC

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