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Lesson 1:

  • Introduction to Administering Enterprise Vault
  • Enterprise Vault: Overview
  • Administering Enterprise Vault: Overview

Lesson 2:

  • Maintaining Exchange Targets and Tasks
  • Exchange targets and tasks: Overview
  • Adding Exchange targets
  • Maintaining and monitoring required tasks
  • Archiving from an Exchange DAG

Lesson 3:

  • Managing Mailbox Archiving
  • Determining what is archived from targets
  • Applying archiving options to mailboxes

Lesson 4:

  • Managing Enterprise Vault Client Settings
  • Managing client settings
  • Adding new users to the Enterprise Vault environment

Lesson 5:

  • Managing Client Access – Outlook
  • Accessing Enterprise Vault archived items: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Outlook

Lesson 6:

  • Managing Client Access – Vault Cache and Virtual Vault
  • Vault Cache and Virtual Vault: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Vault Cache
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Virtual Vault

Lesson 7:

  • Managing Client Access – Office Mail App and OWA
  • Accessing Enterprise Vault archived items: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Office Mail App
  • (Optional) Supporting Exchange client access: Outlook Web App (OWA)

Lesson 8:

  • Maintaining Journal Archiving
  • Journal archiving overview
  • Monitoring journal archiving
  • Managing journal archiving

Lesson 9:

  • Migrating PST Files – Introduction
  • PST migration: Overview
  • Using PST migration tools
  • Configuring PST settings

Lesson 10:

  • Migrating PST Files – Performing Migrations
  • Migrating with client-driven PST migration
  • Migrating with server-driven PST migration

Lesson 11:

  • Maintaining the Enterprise Vault Environment
  • Monitoring and maintaining the Enterprise Vault server
  • Maintaining database resources
  • Updating the environment

Lesson 12:

  • Maintaining Enterprise Vault Storage I
  • Archive storage overview
  • Determining current storage state and usage
  • Expanding the storage configuration

Lesson 13:

  • Maintaining Enterprise Vault Storage II
  • Maintaining storage locations
  • Modifying storage

Lesson 14:

  • Managing Storage Retention and Deletion
  • Managing storage retention and expiry
  • Configuring collection and migration overview

Lesson 15:

  • Managing Indexes
  • Index overview
  • Monitoring Indexes
  • Maintaining Indexes

Lesson 16:

  • Managing Retention & Classification
  • Retention & Classification: Overview
  • Configuring Classification
  • Implementing Retention Plans
  • Verifying Classification
  • Performing reclassification

Lesson 17:

  • Managing Enterprise Vault Search
  • Enterprise Vault Search overview
  • Supporting search
  • Managing archive permissions
  • Configuring user deletion and recovery

Lesson 18:

  • Maintaining Monitoring and Reporting
  • Managing monitoring
  • Managing reporting

Lesson 19:

  • Disaster Recovery Overview
  • Backup overview
  • Backing up Enterprise Vault components
  • Recovering Enterprise Vault


  • Systems Engineers
  • System Integrators
  • System Administrators

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Anirban Chatterjee
Manager (Global Projects & Pilot Desk) | HSBC Operations

Special thanks to you for suggesting such a brilliant trainer Raja Gopalan for DevOps. It was a well tailored course as per our requirement. We all simply enjoyed the sessions and definitely looking forward towards a long term engagement.


Really appreciate your efforts behind making this training a big success, especially considering the diverse levels of participant expertise on the subject. The participants have provided great feedback around the training

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