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VMware vCloud NFV with vCloud Director (V8.x)

This five-day intensive course will lets you focus on configuring, managing, and operating VMware vCloud Director® 8.20 for a VMware vCloud® NFV™ environment. You will study about the creation of organizations, self-service provisioning, virtual data centers (VDCs), and catalog services that consists of predefined virtual machines, and on-demand VMware NSX® networks, additionally the integrated use of VMware vSAN™.

  • Course Objective
  • Who Can Benefit
  • Prerequisites
  • Syllabus
By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Define the vCloud NFV architecture
  • Define the vCloud Director architecture and its role as Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM)
  • Secure deployment of multivendor virtualized network functions (VNFs) on the vCloud NFV platform
  • Successfully manage vCloud Director to support network functions virtualization (NFV) workloads in a secure multitenant environment
  • Effectively configure vSAN to enable multiple tiers in provider VDCs
  • Efficiently create and manage vCloud Director organizations and VNF vApps to satisfy business needs
  • Efficiently Create and manage vCloud Director catalogs
  • Successfully use vCloud Director to configure basic and advanced NSX networking services
  • Service provider architects, engineers, and administrators with experience in a telco and NFV environment

This course requires completion of this below prerequisite:

  • vCloud NFV Foundations with vCloud Director eLearning course

1. Course Introduction

Introductions and course logistics
Course objectives

2. vCloud NFV

Describe the benefits of vCloud NFV
Demonstrate what a vCloud NFV sample solution looks like
Describe the vCloud NFV architecture

3. NFV Infrastructure

Describe the NFV infrastructure (NFVI) components
Explain how vSphere interacts with compute resources (CPU and memory), as well as network and storage resources
Describe the vSAN storage architecture
Explain network virtualization with NSX

4. Virtualized Infrastructure Manager

Describe the VMware products for the VIM layer
Explain vCloud Director basic concepts
Create vSAN storage policies for use by vCloud Director
Describe the vCloud Director architecture
Create resource pools for use by vCloud Director
Configure a basic vCloud Director instance

5. vCloud Providers

Explain how compute and storage resources are provided to vCloud Director
Describe provider VDC requirements and best practices
Create provider VDCs

6. vCloud Director Organizations

Create and manage vCloud Director organizations
Create and manage organization VDCs
Configure and manage organization VDC networking
Create and manage organization catalogs
Deploy, manage, and access organization vApps

7. vCloud Networking with NSX

Describe the components in the NSX planes
Describe the network types available in vCloud Director (external, organization, vApp)
Examine the function of network pools

8. Advanced Networking Services

Describe VMware NSX® Edge™ services gateway features
Describe advanced edge services gateway network functions
Configure the edge services gateway for inbound and outbound network address translation
Configure load balancing in a vApp
Configure VPN services between organizations
Configure dynamic routing on the edge services gateway
Configure firewall services on the edge services gateway
Configure the distributed firewall

9. vCloud Director Security

Describe role-based access control in vCloud Director
Create and manage security roles

10. Managing and Monitoring Cloud Resources

Manage provider and organization VDCs in vCloud Director
Manage external networks and edge services gateways
Manage vCenter Server systems and resource pools

11. NFVI Operations Management (FCAPS)

Describe the NFVI operations management components: VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™, VMware vRealize® Log Insight™, VMware vRealize® Network Insight™, VMware Site Recovery Manager™, and VMware vRealize® Orchestrator™

12. Day 2 vCloud NFV Operations

Describe the upgrade process from vCloud Director 5.5 to 8.x
Explain how the vCloud NFV platform provides carrier-grade service
Describe the VNF onboarding process

  • Duration : 5 Days
  • Certified by: VMware

This five-day intensive course will lets you focus on configuring, managing, and operating VMware vCloud Director® 8.20 for a VMware vCloud® NFV™ environment.

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