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AWS Solution Architect Cert

AWS Solutions Architect Certification: Is it still worth in 2022?

  • By Deepika
  • 10-Jan-2022

Services from AWS are plentiful. At the annual reinvent event, AWS adds more courses each year. Most people are afraid to use any other services than EC2, Lambda, S3, and RDS because they are so familiar with them. For example, you’d use these services to set up a simple web server. While Route53 can manage domains and VPC can manage resource networks and subnets, Cloudfront can serve as a CDN if you’re more involved. In addition, SQS, Kinesis, Step Functions, DynamoDB, and the like are of little use to most people.

Many DevOps engineers prefer to keep the cloud infrastructure deployed as high a level as possible to avoid vendor lock-in and over-reliance on AWS services. Also, the AWS certified solutions architect is still worthwhile even if you are apprehensive about managing your cloud infrastructure and vendor lock-in or have legitimate reasons to avoid AWS-managed services.

Let’s have a brief look at the AWS Certified Solutions Architect path and exam before debating how it is still worth it in 2022.

Architect Path

Those who want to learn how to build systems and applications on the AWS platform should take this certification course. There are two sub-paths to this course:

  • AWS Solution Architect – Associate

If you’re a certified AWS agent, you must design, distribute or manage applications using AWS services. This certification requires IT professionals to design and implement highly available and scalable systems in AWS and understand disaster recovery, troubleshooting, and security concepts. Besides, those who want to take this certification should have at least a year of experience deploying and designing highly scalable and fault-tolerant AWS systems.

  • AWS Solutions Architect – Professional

This exam prefers but does not essentially require at least two years of experience in deploying and designing AWS systems before attempting it. In addition, experts in AWS application design, AWS migration, and AWS architecture must demonstrate their expertise in this certification designed for IT professionals.

Exam Specifics of AWS certified solutions architect

Exam Format

There are two sorts of questions on the exam:

  • Multiple Choice

The candidate needs to select only one accurate option out of four possibilities in a multiple-choice question.

  • Multiple responses

The candidate needs to select more than one correct answer from a list of five or more possibilities in multiple responses questions. Besides, all unanswered questions are evaluated as incorrect for multiple-response questions, and no partial credit is given.

Exam Duration

There are 65 multiple-choice questions on the exam, and it takes 130 minutes to complete.

Exam Language

The AWS Certification exam is administered in English as the major language. An exam extension of 30 minutes is allowed upon request for non-native English speakers. In addition to this, before registering for the exam, one would need to request “ESL +30.”

AWS certified solutions architect: Is it still worth in 2022

Now you may be asking whether taking AWS Architect certifications in 2022 is worthwhile. Because AWS credentials are so vital, here are a few reasons why they’re worth your time or money:

  • For IT professionals, cloud computing expertise is a must-have.

One of the key reasons AWS certifications are worthwhile in 2022 is that cloud computing is unavoidable for IT professionals. In the wake of new technologies like AI and ML, all sectors are moving toward the cloud. According to Forbes, these cutting-edge technologies have a substantial impact on cloud computing adoption.

Today and in the future, IT professionals will need to have a working knowledge of cloud computing, particularly AWS services. You cannot ignore AWS certifications if you want to acquire a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd.

  • Demand for AWS skills is outpacing supply.

Employers worldwide are having a hard time finding people with cloud computing capabilities. According to recent research, AWS-related skills are required in 60 per cent of cloud computing job advertisements. With these figures, it’s clear that AWS expertise is highly sought, and demand will only grow in the years to come. One of the finest methods to advance your career and land a high-paying position in your dream firm is to learn AWS.

  • In Cloud Adoption, AWS certified solutions architect is a popular choice.

Additionally, AWS has nearly a third of the infrastructure as a service market share. This is more than Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform put together. In this way, AWS is expected to grow exponentially in the next years if the current trend continues, as analysts believe it will. Therefore, the AWS certification is a safe career choice for people who want to expand their business and talents on this highly acclaimed platform.

  • High-Paying Jobs Require AWS Certifications

AWS certification holders command high salaries. A six-figure compensation is common for AWS jobs. In addition, choosing the right AWS certification path, finding the best AWS Certification courses, studying hard, and passing your exam are all you need to become a cloud computing expert in these trying times.

Bottom Line

After learning about the AWS certified solutions architect certification levels and exam specifics, it is best to learn about cloud computing and acquire a relevant certificate. RPS Consulting’s OEM-certified AWS training classes are a great place to start if you’re a little unsure where to begin. We are an AWS-authorised training provider and help candidates ace every certification with flying colours. Enrol today at your convenience with on-demand classes, certified instructors, up-to-date course material, and advanced hands-on labs on offer! Now is the time to step up your cloud career.

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