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Citrix NetScaler NMAS

  • By rpsadmin
  • 26-Sep-2018

In order to meet the increasing challenges of the competitive world, digital transformation is essential. Organizations have to be agile for becoming more competitive. They have to reach out to the customers, so organizations have started using new micro-services applications which are changing the environment of application delivery. In that respect, Citrix Netscaler management and Analytics system provide an ideal application delivery environment. It is a centralized management solution which makes the operations simple by offering enterprise-wide application visibility and thus it helps in automating the management jobs. A proper Citrix training is essential for the administrators who want to manage multiple Netscaler instances. Administrators can use it for managing, monitoring and troubleshooting the global application delivery infrastructure.

Benefits of using Netscaler NMAS

Among numerous benefits Netscaler has to offer, the most important one is that it supports the move to scale out application architectures. This is done by automating deployment and configuration of Netscaler instances by integrating it with cloud platforms. NMAS supports the transitioning of IT into a business enabler. It is able to do that by providing end-to-end analytics which enables the IT to understand application behavior and then respond to business. Some of the other benefits are discussed below:

  • Usage of Netscaler provides agility. That means it provides an ability to add, remove and launch workloads and it also enables you to scale workloads easily.
  • Reduction in the operating expenses is another common benefit of NMAS. It lowers the cost of operations and also permits the existing staffs for supporting more application workloads.
  • User experience gets improved as analytics helps in identifying the problems present in the application delivery environment and then actionable insights are alerted to the user so that issues are resolved before it can impact the user.
  • It helps in lowering the barrier for supporting workloads on premises and off premises across different cloud providers.

Why there is a need for Citrix certification?

Today, the virtual desktop has changed the process by which we used to deliver the application to the increasing mobile users. You need to develop skills about Citrix technologies then only you can provide users with any application on any device over any network platform at any point of time at any location. The skills could be attained by enrolling in Citrix Netscaler training courses and certifications. These courses will let you master in various Citrix technologies, system architecture, server administration, client configuration, and many more things. You can choose to get certification by offline visiting the center or you can also go for an online learning system.

There are few courses and Citrix Netscaler SD-WAN hands-on workshop that are designed for students who already have experience. These workshops are useful for those who want to deploy Netscaler management and Analytics system for administering a Citrix Netscaler environment. It also helps in optimizing Netscaler managed application delivery traffic. Through this program, you can learn skills that are needed for deploying and using the management and Analytics system. You will be able to manage multiple Netscaler platforms centrally. Along with that, you can make the required configuration changes and then report on transactions that are passing through the Netscaler environment. You can visualize infrastructure properly and thus plan expansions. Citrix Netscaler SD-WAN certification help in discovering the working of software defined wide area networks. It helps in learning how virtualization could be used for modeling and deploying services.

Skills acquired after the training course

  • Once trained the individuals will be able to manage multiple NetScaler platforms centrally.
  • CNS- 320 course enables you to make the changes in the configuration.
  • This training will help you to report the transactions which pass through the Netscaler environment.
  • Finally, visualization of infrastructure and plan expansion becomes possible.

Capabilities of Netscaler NMAS

  • NMAS provides the ability to configure and manage Netscaler instances which include methods for automating tasks which are performed commonly. So, you have the ability to bootstrap a Netscaler and then applying a networking configuration.
  • It helps in automating Netscaler functions by using templates. These are set of tools that are used for improving speed and accuracy for all kind of configuration. Further, it helps in managing tasks across a fleet of Netscaler instances.
  • Management of various other components of application delivery environment is possible. You are able to take action on the basis of alerts which provide you visibility into real situations of your network.
  • Identifying and addressing issues have become easier as you have an end-to-end view of user connection.
  • Cloud orchestration and CPX deployment are some of the additional capabilities of NMAS.

Citrix Netscaler certification course enables the students to acquire skills that are needed for implementing various features of Netscaler which includes Caching, NetScaler Weblogging, Frontend Optimization, and TCP/HTTP optimization. All these features help in optimizing traffic when they are managed by a NetScaler environment. When a student enrolls in the course then at the end of the course, they will be able to automate and manage network services. This will help in scaling-out application architectures with the Citrix NetScaler Management and Analytics System and further optimizing the NetScaler-managed application delivery traffic.

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