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How Developers Can Advance Their Career with RHLS

  • By rpsadmin
  • 29-Nov-2019

Technology moves at a mind-numbingly faster pace. No one is aware of this more than developers. On the one hand, it’s great because every new innovation makes life simpler. On the other hand, this means that if you want to be a good developer, you can’t afford to ever stop learning.

As a developer, you must know enough to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every language and technology and be able to analyze their relevance. Unfortunately, given our work schedule, attending a full-day training course may not be possible. That is why I suggest the Red Hat Learning Subscription for Developers.

What is the Red Hat Learning Subscription for Developers?

The subscription was designed especially for developers. This is an annual subscription service that gives developers like you and me to access the courses. This includes courses and content on containers, Red Hat Middleware and Red Hat OpenShift Training.

It’s an online, dynamic learning platform that includes e-books, hands-on labs, and video classroom courses as well as e-book downloads for offline training. This subscription service gives developers access to 24×7 training courses in up to nine languages so that you can enhance your skills at your own pace. Here’s how this subscription can advance your career as a developer.

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Get On-the-Job Support

As developers, we work with critical timelines and hence need to be able to learn whenever we have time. As and when problems arise, we need to have access to reliable and easily available support to solve the issue. With the Red Hat Learning Subscription, developers will have the ability to learn on our own schedule and take advantage of an organization’s investments in container-based, cloud-native architecture.

Find Quick Answers

Apart from being accessible throughout the day and night, the subscription courses are also very well organized. This easy to search content makes it easy for developers to quickly find answers to questions on microservices, migrating present applications and cloud-native technologies.

Learning on this platform is all hands-on. Set up with detailed steps, you can get quick lab access so that you can train and practice your new-found skills.

Stay Updated

Technology often evolves at a faster pace than you can adapt to it. Thus, by the time a tutorial on a software update can be uploaded, it may be obsolete. This will never be a problem with this platform. Red Hat Learning Subscription has fresh and revised courses added to the subscription service the moment as they are published. It also gives developers early access to labs and courses that are being developed. This includes content on new product releases and their versions.

Improve your Skills

Unlike other upgraded courses that teach developers skills at various levels, this platform allows developers to build skills regardless of their level of learning. There is no expertise needed to upgrade your skills on this platform. Thus, you can continually enhance your cloud-native technology skills.

Get Red Hat Certified

Red Hat is the leading provider of open source enterprise solutions. Through its container, cloud and Kubernetes technologies, it helps organizations develop cloud-native apps and standardize, integrate and automate complex environments. For a developer, being certified to work on this platform is a big advantage. As a part of the Red Hat Learning Subscription, developers can get Red Hat certified by passing an exam. As you learn more and more, you can track your progress towards clearing the certification exam. You will get three attempts to clear this exam. Once cleared, you’ll be able to boast to the world about being Red Hat certified.

When it comes to a developer’s career, the day you stop learning is the day you start regressing. The most common excuse to not upgrade one’s skills is a lack of time but the Red Hat Learning Subscription nullifies this excuse. Now you can get answers to all of your questions as they arise, get on the job support and access to the latest courses.

In short, you get an opportunity to keep pace with evolving technology. That’s not all, it’s cost-effective too. You get to enjoy unlimited training at a fraction of the cost of all the individual courses you would otherwise need. So, are you ready to give your career the booster shot it needs?

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