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How Red Hat Enterprise Linux Can Impact Global Business Growth

  • By rpsadmin
  • 19-Dec-2019

Over 47,000 companies use Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server. According to a study by IDC, in 2019, workloads running on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux are estimated to be worth more than $10 trillion in terms of global business revenues. Thus, it powers about 5% of the global economy.

The study estimates the global footprint of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to be $10 trillion for the same year. The only part of the global economy not touched by the software is probably the revenue generated by personal and professional service professionals and very small enterprises that do not use computers. This economic impact is experienced not just by customers and partners but also by IT professionals.

It Generates Employment

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux ecosystem has almost 900,000 employees distributed across the world. By the end of 2023, this number is expected to grow by around 250,000. These jobs range from positions related o hardware and software to associated services.  Skilled IT professionals with Red hat Enterprise Linux Certification can expect to be placed in high-paying positions within this ecosystem.

Then, there are the customers who are partners of ecosystem employees. This includes IT professionals working with hardware, software and services built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. According to the study, this community of IT professionals with relevant RHEL Training could reach 2.1 million by December 2023.

Combining the number of IT professionals employed by the ecosystem and by clients using Red Hat Enterprise Linux; the number of people employed in Red Hat related positions could exceed 3.3 million by 2023.

It Creates Opportunities for Companies to Offer Higher Salaries

One of the advantages organizations who chose to invest in RHEL see with this platform is decreased expenses. 70% of these savings can be attributed to the cost of software being used. 18% can be attributed to the cost of servers and 12% comes from IT staff productivity. According to the study, the total aggregate benefit experienced by organizations that use RHEL amounted to $6.8 billion on a total of about $200 billion of costs. The savings on expenses are equitable to an increase in revenue. Thus, organizations can give a larger part of their budget to employee salaries. This means that positions that employ staff with Red Hat certification can offer better salaries.

It Increases Project-taking Capacity

Not all IT professionals working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux are employed in full-time positions. Many IT professionals work remotely on a project basis. This open-source operating system makes IT professionals more efficient at their jobs. It reduces the amount of time they spend managing servers and resolving support calls. It also reduces the amount of time and effort they must spend on routine IT tasks. This saved time can be spent on upgrading mission-critical apps and deploying new apps. Thus, it boosts efficiency and allows these freelance professionals to take on more projects at a time. The more projects they take on, the higher their revenue.


Technology changes every day. Thus, for IT professionals, the constant upgradation of skills is essential. If you want to experience the economic advantages of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, now is the time to enroll in a Red Hat training institute for certification. This training and certification can take several paths. There are a number of certifications for architects, system administrators, and enterprise application developers.

The training courses focus on the fundamentals behind this technology. Learning styles include virtual, real and video classrooms and on-site training. They offer hands-on lab experience as well as practical use cases. Going through the course and passing the exam certification serves as proof of their technical skills and acts as a validation of the same for potential employers.

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