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The Future Of Your Business Lies in AWS

  • By rpsadmin
  • 7-Feb-2020

There is a secret weapon to modernize your IT business. As the CTO of a reputed firm, I am thrilled to share the knowledge I have gained by deploying it in my organization. You guessed it right- AWS Certification and AWS certified resources are today’s points of discussion.

The industry knowledge I have gathered from years of experience tells me that AWS Certification must be a criteria when hiring new talents.  Trust me, skill upgradation is a considerable investment but I believe it’s a vital one. And you also need to find the best AWS Training Partner to equip your team with the right knowledge.

The Business Impact Of AWS Training

First things first. Let the data speak. According to a survey, 55% of the respondents also felt that AWS certification improved the quality of deliverables. It empowers teams to build on their credibility and competence so that the organization can offer better support to its customers. 36% of the respondents said that attending AWS training programs increased the number of customers they could migrate to AWS solutions. 31% agreed that it reduced implementation time.

The HR Impact

For the people undergoing training, this certification broadens skill sets and enhances career opportunities. 94% of the people surveyed said that the certification enabled them to sell additional AWS services. Our staff that has completed this certification has been grateful for it and according to me is more likely to stick with the company for the long run. This implies a higher staff retention rate and lower turnover. In a way, it also means that investing in AWS training and certification is a better bet than simply hiring new talents.

The AWS Partner Network

I’m not the only CTO who’s looking at meeting the cloud skill shortage. This is a shortage faced by around 90% of all IT teams. While there’s a lot available online, when it comes to training entire teams, online video tutorials aren’t enough. You need a partner who’s certified and can train others effectively. This is where the AWS Partner Network comes in. They have the skills, the knowledge and the expertise required. My customers have teamed up them for everything from getting recommendations to quality solutions and shortening implementation times.

APN Tier Requirements For AWS Certification

To build on strong AWS-based solutions and practices while simultaneously maintaining APN tier status, you will need to achieve the relevant Foundational and Technical AWS Certifications. As of last year, there were a few changes introduced for APN tier compliance and AWS certifications. These include:

  • AWS Foundational Certifications

Irrespective of the tier, individuals at all APN partners must complete the AWS Foundational Certifications.

  • AWS Certifications for APN Technology Partners

To ensure that products based on AWS maintain the best practices, all individuals employed at APN Technology Partner organizations must have AWS certifications at the Specialty, Professional or Associate level. This also helps improve the time it takes to bring a product to market.

  • Total Certification Count vs Unique Individuals Count

While earlier the AWS certifications per APN partner were summed up, it is now the number of individuals within the organization who have completed AWS certifications at the Specialty, Professional or Associate level that will matter. The highest- level of certification achieved will be counted for each individual. This means that if an individual has completed the Professional-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect and the Associate-level certification, only the former will be counted.

Sustained Learning

AWS offers specialty and role-based certifications. This enables companies like mine to address the gap in cloud skills while also increasing the expertise of our technical and business resources. It also helps our AWS practice grow and maintain the APN tier compliance.

The online modules offer timely and convenient training for team members working with real-time customers. Together, the online and offline modules build an organizational culture based on learning and self-empowerment. This learning curve also enables our workforce to easily adapt to evolving technology.

In Conclusion

As they say the strength of a company lies in its resources and to enhance your team’s productivity, I suggest you invest in AWS training and certification. With relevant role-based and specialty certifications, your team can reduce implementation times and give your customers the support they need to move to the AWS solutions. Are you ready to make the right move?

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